Friday, January 9, 2009

101 Things

Ok, here is my list...not totally complete, but it will be soon! I just hope I can stick with it.

1. Read at least 25 books (25/25)
2. Take the pictures from my computer and put them in a safer place (ie. memory stick or external hard drive)
3. Lose 50 lbs
4. Cook dinner every night for a whole week (7/7)
5. Organize the master closet
6. Clean & organize our spare bedroom
7. Turn the spare room into Matthew's room
8. FINALLY organize all homeschool materials
9. Print all photos from my computer
10. Get a new bedding set
11. Get window treatments for all 5 kitchen windows (0/5)
12. Go to a movie in the theater
13. Make something handmade for Gracie & Matthew
14. Baby proof the house (again)
15. Get a new vehicle
16. Visit 1 state I have never been to before (0/1)
17. Learn ACDSee Photo Editor 2008
18. Blog at least once a week
19. Buy a new purse
20. Visit the zoo
21. Take a bubble bath w/o interruption
22. Take 1 picture everyday of both Gracie & Matthew for a month (0/31)
23. Buy a flat screen TV for the living room
24. Go through all my clothes to clean them out
25. Get a Sam's Club card
26. Learn to knit
27. Make a chore/rewards chart for Gracie & use it
28. Put the laundry away after it comes out of the dryer
29. Set up a savings account for Gracie & Matthew
30. Tell my husband everyday how much I love him
31. Keep up with Matthew's professional photos
32. Buy a new DVD player
33. Buy a new sewing machine
34. Take my bp medicine everyday
35. Have more patience with people
36. Tell my children everyday how much I love them
37. Stop stressing over the little things
38. Continue building a stronger relationship with my husband
39. Read the Bible
40. Create a scrapbook page every other week for 1 year (0/26)
41. Write my husband a love letter
42. Go stargazing with my family
43. Show Matthew his first full moon
44. Get an eye exam
45. Kiss in the rain
Put $$$ in a savings account for me & Robby
47. Write a heartfelt thank you note to my parents for all that they have done for me
48. Go on vacation - not a trip to see ILs, a REAL vacation
49. Buy myself some fresh flowers
50. Try a new recipe
51. Stop biting my nails
52. Buy my husband a laptop
53. Get a haircut
54. Stop cussing so much
55. Help someone in need
56. Go on a picnic
57. Buy myself something guilt-free
58. Pay off my Kohl's card
59. Take a bite of fish (yeeeeeuck!)
60. Make a new friend
61. Take Gracie to the New River overlook
62. Go to a ballgame
63. Reconnect with an old friend
64. Drink more water
65. Organize my sock/undies drawers
66. Put all my digi scrap files on CD
67. Clean out my kitchen cupboards
68. Enforce Gracie's 9:30 bedtime
69. Buy a photo album for Matthew
70. Put Gracie's pictures IN the photo album
71. Go a whole day without checking my email
72. Write a children's story
73. Clean off the top of my refrigerator (It catches EVERYTHING!)
74. Read a bedtime story every night to the kids
75. Learn a new language
76. Make a family/friend birthday organizer
77. Have a day when ALL the laundry is clean, folded and put away
78. Get a haircut and not complain about the cost
79. Organize recipes
80. Shampoo all my carpet
81. Keep up with filling out Matthew's baby book
82. Complete a Bible study
83. Refill my ink cartridge or buy new! (This hurts b/c it costs SO much)
98. Finish this list!
99. Donate $1 for each task that isn't completed
100. As I complete each task, blog about my experiences, accomplishment and everything else in between (7/101)
101. Write a new 101 Things list before this one is over

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