Thursday, October 23, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #10: 10 Timely Facts

Things about Lesley

*Robby's Wife*
*Gracie & Matthew's Mama*
*misses her grandparents*
*has many, many cousins*
*believes in love at first sight*
*avid reader*
*loves being barefoot*
*adored being pregnant*
*likes puppies*
*does not like cats*
*watches soap operas*
*watches football & NASCAR*
*favorite season is Autumn*
*watches clouds*
*hates scary movies*
*enjoys falling snow*
*addicted to cloth diapers*
*has watched someone die*
*likes the color pink*
*doesn't like to clean*
*enjoys a clean house ;)*
*does laundry daily*
*hates driving*
*can be moody*
*enjoys fishing*
*wants to learn to knit*
*can sew*
*loves to watch Little House on the Prairie*
*favorite movie is Dirty Dancing*
*listens to all kinds of music*
*wishes she knew how to dance*
*doesn't like being sick*
*misses being a kid*
*used to suck her thumb*
*amazed by nature's wonders*
*wants to travel the world*
*is constantly running out of printer ink*
*needs to organize her house better*
*likes history*
*enjoys fast food, especially steak hoagies*
*favorite snack, right now, is cheese crackers*
*enjoys working on genealogy*
*likes digital scrapbooking*
*loves babies*
*enjoys crafts*
*thinks flowers are pretty, but has a black thumb*
*wants a garden*
*wishes for peace*
*failed Algebra II*
*needs a haircut*
*doesn't wear lots of makeup*
*had braces*
*bites her nails*
*likes blogging*
*reads lots of different blogs*
*enjoys taking pictures of her kids*
*doesn't like going to the doctor*
*has some of the BEST friends in the world*
*has watched a cow birth a calf*
*wants to be a farm girl*
*wishes for a big ol' country house*
*doesn't have lots of $$, BUT does have lots of LOVE!!*

hehe That's more than 10, but it is me. :)

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  1. Loved reading your list! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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