Sunday, September 14, 2008

So dissapointed! :(

Ok, well, as expected (but hoped otherwise) WVU bombed with East Carolina. They lost 24-3. *sigh* Offense was looking good BUT defense is gonna kill 'em this year unless they step it up. I don't know. Last year was such an amazing year and then that outstanding win against Oklahoma, I just was really wanting another good season. It actually seems like most of the Big East teams are struggling this year. Hmmm?

On another college football note - Robby and I were watching the Ohio State/USC game. *rolls eyes* What a horrible game for Ohio! And it had absolutely nothing to do with the bad calls from PAC10 refs. *rolls eyes AGAIN* LOL Can't wait to see how they match up against Michigan (coach stealers!!) considering they both pretty much suck. hehe Anyways what I was trying to talk about is that Pryor guy playing QB for Ohio...they keep alking abuot how fasst he is, how good he is. Ummm, so far I haven't seen it. Guess we will wait and see if he suddenly becomes magic.


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