Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Want some FREE books?

Have you all checked out yet? This is my new favorite website! :)

I absolutely love to read and have lots of books just laying around. Well, PBS gives you a site where you can trade books with others and earn free books. AND if you sign up right now and post 10 books you get 2 free credits. That means you get 2 free books. I signed up maybe 2 weeks ago and have already received 1 book and am expecting another anyday now!

Check them out HERE. You will not regret it!

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  1. Thanks for the comment(s) Lesley! (I need your email so I can reply to your comments pretty please hehe)

    For K I would recommend using Abeka and Saxon for math and of course the Starfall for learning to read. Personally I have only been HSing for a year now, so Emira went to Shady Elem. For K and 1st (they used Saxon phonics and Saxon math there). So that is why we stuck with Saxon for the math, and then I realized that it is what’s best for us –I love it! The A beka is just plain fun to do – there are workbooks so it’s more school like but there are pictures and the workbooks are fun for Emira. We both like it for Language Arts, Science and History.

    For Bible we do our own thing really, we just read from her Hermie and Friends Bible and read devotions from the FaithGirlz series (you can find them on

    I don’t think you need to do much with K, just basically teach her how to write her numbers and letters, the sounds they make, and some basic math is good.

    But like I said you may want to talk to some of the other homeschool moms, Angela Young in particular – she is one of my best friends and Emira’s aunt –she has 5 girls and her 2nd just finished up K so she would know lots more! LMK if you want to get in touch with her.

    Oh and did you join REACH? If you did, then come to the curriculum fair on tues eve and check out everything. There will be books for sale cheap and free books too!

    LMK if there is anything else I can do 



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