Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Twenty Wishes

I just got done reading this book by Debbie Macomber. I've just about read all of her books. :) She is great! This is one of her Blossom Street books. The story is about a widow who decides, with a group of friends, to make a list of twenty wishes -a list of things they wish they had done in their life and then do them. And as the book goes can see how the idea catches on.

Booklist - "Even the most hard-hearted readers will find themselves rooting for the women in this hopeful story while surreptitiously wiping away tears and making their own list of wishes."

I started thinking this was a really cute idea. I mean we all have things we've wanted to do but have just never got around to...or maybe were too scared to do. Or maybe there is something we want to change in our lives. This is a perfect way to do it. Write it down and go for it!

Here's my list of Twenty Wishes...

1. Become a better wife to Robby and strengthen our relationship.

2. Be the best mom I can be to Gracie & Matt.

3. Become a better Christian.

4. Learn my way isn't the only way. I think this one will be very hard, if you know me you would agree.

5. Create something wonderful with my sewing machine

6. Get a new sewing machine :)

7. Travel across country with my family

8. Get out of debt and never worry about $$ again!

9. Learn a way to make $$ from home without home parties and do it honestly

10. Homeschool with confidence and get amazing results!!

11. Since this is an idea I got from a Blossom Street book (the original book was about a yarn shop) I think I'd like to try knitting. Or even start cross-stitching again.

12. I'd like to get a routine set for my family. I know this won't be easy because we've been so "free" for so long...but I think in the long run it will be best.

13. I want a house. We have a house - we own it or rather we make the monthly mortgage...but I'd like something bigger with a much larger yard.

14. For years now my hubby and I have talked about growing a garden but haven't followed through. I want a veggie garden!

15. Less fast food and more home cooking. I want to be like my Granny & Mom - they always had such good home cooked meals.

16. Visit a castle in Europe.

17. Read the Bible all the way through.

18. Organize the house. Make it so that everything has a place...and I haven't just put it somewhere in a hurry.

19. Slow down! Realize not everything has to be done in a hurry.

20. Get to the point where I feel like I'm where God wants me in life. Be at peace with myself.

Ok, so that's it...

Now I challenge YOU to make your list today! When you do leave a comment and link to your list. Inspire others!!


  1. Wonderful idea, Lesley! Here's my post...

    Stephanie (SHS)

  2. I just read your completed list. Fabulous! So many of your wishes could have easily ended up on my list if I had more wishes to use. :)

  3. You wouldn't happen to be a part of BookMooch??? I would love to mooch Twenty Wishes.....
    Renee from SHS


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