Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Meanderings

*blows raspberry*

Oh, what can I say. I'm sure there is a lot that I could actually be doing. But I can't think of them at the moment. I have accomplished quite a bit the past couple weeks. I had needed to go thru all the baby's clothes and sort by sizes and styles. That got done. Now I need to wash them all. *rolls eyes* That'll be a job...but I've started on it.

I also had on my mind Gracie's upcoming school year. I needed a plan! And was really putting it off, dreading it actually. And I'm still not totally finished but I definitely have a better idea of what in the heck I'm doing. The 4-day schedule looks something like this...

Monday: Handwriting, Reading, Numbers/Math, Social Studies
Tuesday: Handwriting, Reading, Numbers/Math, Science
Wednesday: Handwriting, Reading, Numbers/Math, Bible
Thursday: Handwriting, Reading, Numbers/Math, Art/Music

Each day also includes a lesson from KidSparkz preschool curriculum.

I want to spend about 30 minutes on each topic, somedays longer sometimes shorter. Depending on her mood. I have MANY workbooks for each subject and then there is always the internet. I know looking at it may be like that sounds simple...but I know in my head where I'm going. LOL

Ummm, I also need to clean out my kitchen cupboards and refrigerator. That will be the easiest thing yet. I'm also trying to keep the house straight and clean ~ because as the days go by the closer this baby comes to arriving. As of today 17 days and counting!

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