Friday, June 20, 2008

pregnancy update

I hadn't given you all any updates regarding my sugar test and all the other stuff going on with little fella. So here goes

1. Well, I had my 1 hr sugar test and it came back elevated. Soooo I had to take the 3 hr test. It came back ok - just barely - or that's what they was 107 the last test they gave me. I didn't think that was high. But they said they wanted me to go to a nutrition class anyways and follow a 1800 calorie ADA diet.

2. They measured my amniotic fluid and said it was good - that it was right in the middle where they wanted it. I think they said it was measuring 11cms? They didn't do weight on him this time, but will next time. He looked so much bigger.

3. Dr. said they normally start the NST (non-stress test) at 32 weeks but will go ahead just to be on the safe side (I'll be 31 weeks Tuesday). I will go 2 times a week. Mondays and Thursdays - but I'm going to try to get them on days I have doc appts. Ack! I'm trying not to think about gas right now...*sigh*

4. I asked them if everything continued smoothly when they were going to do the c-section. She said she will do it at 39 weeks. So my due date is the 26th of August (also Robby's 1st day back @ school). The dates she gave me depending on when she can get the OR will be Aug 19th or 21st. I'm getting SO excited!

Overall, I'm basically healthy and baby is growing. Things are looking good!

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