Friday, May 16, 2008

Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down...

Yea, well, pregnant girls do!

I fell Wednesday evening. I was getting up from my chair...and my foot just twisted up under me. I was falling forward and somehow got turned around and fell on my bottom. As soon as I realized I was going to fall, I started praying. I just wanted my little man to be ok. I swear I had angels with me....because it was the easiest fall. I barely felt it and it was like I was just sitting down on the floor.

But I was nervous and so upset. It made me sick on my stomach. Robby & Gracie were outside when it happened and came in just a few minutes later. Robby called the doc and they said since I was high risk anyways to go on in to the hospital...but as long as I wasn't hurting or spotting I should be ok.

At the hospital they listened to the baby and said his heart rate was good and he was kickin up a storm. So all was good there. They took x-rays (with lots of shields on me) and said it was just a bad sprain.


Well, they called today and said the specialist had looked at it and I definitely had a fracture and a heel spur. Can you believe it?? Now I have to go and see an orthopedic doc. If they put me in a cast, it'll be July before I'm out!! UGH!

Wwhhhhyyyyyy?? :oP hehehe

Oh well, I'm just glad baby Matt was ok. He's doing so well. They said he was what they consider a big baby b/c he fell into the 87% range for fetal weight. Woohooo! A chunky baby. :) Just this week he has started the kicking you can see from across the room. :) I think I may have a kickboxer in there! LOL I am lovin' it!

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