Friday, July 20, 2007

What's Been Going On...

Well, July has been a busy month so far. I mean it usually is anyways just because of my and Robby's birthday and the 4th, but then with Tori having the baby it just seemed to add to it. We've been running back and forth over there and mooning over the baby. Which really just makes me want another even more. Hopefully soon....

I have to tell you a funny story that happened to us the other day....we were going thru Arby's and were in the drive-thru - we had order and were waiting (that's not a surprise - fast food is so NOT fast) - Anyways this car pulled in and this man got out all struting his stuff and looking sneaky. You could just tell something wasn't quite on the up and up. So another guy runs out from inside of Arby's and they start dealing drugs!! Right out in the open. No shame at all. We watched the entire time. It was really a sad way. But that's not on the way home, Robby gets pulled over for having a headlight out. How freakin' ironic! We just watched a drug deal and then he gets pulled over. What??? At least Robby just got a warning.

Tomorrow should be a nice day. I hope it doesn't rain. We are suppose to go to the Friends of Coal Auto Fair. And we have tickets to see Lonestar and Taylor Made. (We got them free from our neighbor - even better!) Afterwards are the fireworks. Gracie should like that. Oh yea and the carnival rides. That's ALL she talks about.

Well, I know this isn't exciting....but it's my life and I just thought I'd share. I hope you all are doing good. Hugs, kisses, and love to ya all!

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