Saturday, June 23, 2007

Happiness comes from within

Happiness comes from within

America, like any backslider on God, knows the joy, peace, and excitement of walking with the Savior, but for whatever reason or excuse, has left the arms of our Lord and is dancing to Satan's tune.

Americans, like the Prodigal Son, live it up and apparently are having the time of their lives. They drink too much, laugh at jokes that aren't really funny, and change playmates or partners at the slightest provocation while assuring all who will listen that they are having the time of their lives.

They change crowds and friends and stay on the go to the point of exhaustion in their effort to run from themselves in their search for happiness.

Realistically, they will never find it because happiness is not a where or when. Deep down, the miserable Christian knows that the thin facade of earthly pleasure can in no way equal the deep and satisfying "peace that passeth all understanding" that belongs to the one who walks with the Lord.

I'm convinced that everyone who has taken a single step with the Lord is truly miserable when they get out of fellowship with Him. They perhaps experience some pleasure, but pleasure is always temporary and constantly demands a greater high.

Please continue to pray for the healing of this great nation's faith.

Pastor Scott A. Lester
Gatewood Brethren Church

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