Monday, April 30, 2007

Jelly Beans & Milk

Yep, that's what I said....jelly beans and milk. I know it sounds gross together, but it really is good. Try it sometime! :) Oh well.

I haven't wrote one of these in awhile. So I thought I would...nothing outstanding is happening in my life right now. Which can be a good thing. At least it's nothing bad, right?

I have to admit, I've thought the world has gone a bit mad lately. I can't understand things like the VT shooting, the continued war, rising gas prices. It makes me wish for simpler times. Happier times...for everyone, not just the lucky few.

The kittens: Mia, Callie, Sparkles, and Butter(cup/nut) are growing so fast! They are soooo adorable. I don't know how we will be able to get rid of any of them. I just can't picture us having 5 cats though. Gracie is in love with Sparkles. That is like her cat now, so I guess if we keep any it will have to be that one.

Robby decided he wanted to have a yard we're having one Saturday. I like going to them, but I HATE having them. I dunno, I guess it's cause my mom always had so many when I was younger. Anyways, we've been cleaning out stuff, going thru it and deciding what stays and goes. I can't believe how many clothes Gracie had!! I'm keeping all her tiny baby clothes but from about 12 months and up are going....I've already priced like 10 plastic grocery bags full! I'm never buying her anything else! :) Seriously.

I bought a book the other day. What a Husband Wants From his Wife - Emotionally, Spiritually, & Physically. I've only read about 3 chapters. I mean Robby & I don't have any major problems, but I'm always looking to better I thought, why not? It's not quite what I expected...but as I said I'm only on Chapter 3. What I've got so far is that basically it tells you if you give yourself to God, that he will direct you're marriage the way it needs to be. I get that, it's the totally letting go of control I have a problem with....I like to have that feeling of control. It really makes you think though.

OK, well, I don't really have anything else to I'll say see ya for now!! Take care and hugs all around!

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