Sunday, October 29, 2006

why when things look like they are getting better

everything blows up in your face??

I just get so mad some days....grrrrr!!!!!!!!!! Ever since Robby's accident things have gone from crazy to good back to crazy...and I thought that everything was finally leveling out. We were getting stuff together. Life was soon to be normal again. What the hell do I know?

And you know the sad thing is it's just my car I'm mad at. Yes, my car. I'm that upset over a car! But it's not the car. I'm just tired! ya know? I just want everything to be smooth for longer than a week. Is that an impossible dream I have?

I know this is the "real world" but darn it I'm not on MTV!!

Ok, that was a now I'm feeling a bit better. Gracie is running in circles around my coffee table. I better stop her before she falls and kills her. I really couldn't deal with that right now....

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