Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Birthdays & Beauty

Hey everyone! well, I made it through the past few days. lol I am so tired. Gracie's party on Sunday was a lot of fun for her. She is so proud to be a "big kid" now. I can't even say she is my baby. She freaks out and is like I'M NOT A BABY...I A BIG KID NOW. omg lol

But anyways, it was fun had by all. We had Monday to rest....then yesterday was another long day. A couple friends and I took our kids to see Beauty and the Beast out Grandview. It ended up being 4 adults and 7 kids. *Sigh* I really can't see how folks have more than 2 kids. lol They were all good though. They were so excited to get to see a real live princess. After the show Gracie went right up to Belle and hugged her and, of course, wanted to see her princess slippers. When she hugged Belle, I almost lost it. For you all that have know when one of their dreams come true you just can't help but feel so happy. We had a pic took so we can always remember her first meeting with a princess.

Gracie is the one in Belle's arms with the purple & green coat.

Hope you all are good and are feeling great!. Have a wonderful evening!

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