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I know you've heard of these. Maybe someone you know has invited you to a party on Facebook and you've ignored it. Or you joined and didn't pay attention. But now you're let me tell you all about these seemingly-magical nails! 
If you don’t know how to paint your nails, you know actually on the nails... Color Street Nails takes all the guesswork out of having a flawlessly beautiful manicure.

What Are Color Street Nails?

Color Street is 100% real dry nail polish! Not stickers, but sticker-like. They mimic the appearance of salon quality manicure and YOU can customize them to your desire. 

  • Peel.
  • Stick.
  • File.

“Color Street is real nail polish that’s been dried down onto a strip for an easy, mess-free manicure with no dry time,” says Hannah Parks, the brand’s marketing coordinator. “It’s a salon-quality manicure—base coat, color coat, and topcoat—that you apply in one step without worrying about streaks or smudges.” It is a GAME CHANGER!
So how exactly do they work? 
Each pack contains sixteen strips so that you’re guaranteed to find the best fit for your nails. Simply select the strip size that best fits each nail, peel off the backing paper, and smooth the strip onto your nail from the cuticle to the tip. Once you reach the tip, you’ll likely have overhang that you will need to file away the excess. A small file comes in every nail pack. 

How Do You Apply Color Street Nails?
  1. Clean and prep your nails. Before applying any Color Street strips to your nails, you MUST clean and prime your nails. Remove any polish that remains on your nails. Then use the included Prep Pad to remove any oils from your nails, push your cuticles back, and file all edges for a clean, smooth base. 
  1. Select your strips. Once your nails are prepped, select the correct nail strip sizes for each nail. 
  1. Peel and apply. Remove the backing from one nail strip at a time and apply immediately. If you wait to apply the adhesive can dry out and your Color Street nails won’t last as long. When applying, align the rounded end against your cuticle, making sure to not adhere the sticker on top of your cuticle. Once placed, be sure to smooth the nail toward the tip of your nail, removing any little air bubbles as you go. If you find that it doesn’t fit perfectly, you can gently stretch them for the ideal fit. GENTLY!
  1. Fold over the excess strip and file. After smoothing the onto the nail, fold the excess strip over the edge and gently file downward so it does not disrupt the appearance of your polish. 
How Long Do They Last?
10-14 days. BUT some customers have had them last longer. 
How Much Do They Cost?
Prices range from $12.50 - $16.00 a set. 
How to Remove Color Street Nails
Regular nail polisher remover will work! However, Color Street has a nail polish remover that works WONDERFUL! It removes the strip in seconds. 
Color Street offers a variety of shades in solids, glitter, nail art, and so much more! There will be something for everyone. We are also not just nails anymore...we are starting to carry beauty supplies - we have lip products and hand and nail care products. Color Street is opening doors for beauty for everyone! Watch out as we grow!
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