Thursday, May 16, 2013

Trying Not To Love You Blog Tour {review & excerpt}

{about the book}
MacKenzie Cahill has dealt with overbearing and overprotective brothers her entire life, making it near impossible to enjoy her teenage years. Having a boyfriend was practically impossible until she met a guy that wasn't afraid to stand up to them - Dominic. He was sweet, thoughtful, and everything MacKenzie ever wanted in a man. But when they go away to college at Old Dominion University, MacKenzie sees a whole new side of Dominic and begins to wonder if he really is different from every other guy. Her world is turned upside down after a party, and her brothers' best friend Hunter is the one there to offer her a shoulder to cry on. The chemistry between them is electric, and feelings for each other that have been hidden for years are finally voiced. Is Hunter willing to be disloyal to his best friends in order to be with the one girl he's always secretly wanted?


Did I love Dominic? Yes. Was I in love with him? No, I don't think so. Would I ever truly love him? Maybe, one day I would. Dominic was my first serious boyfriend. I didn't seriously date anyone because everyone in school knew my brothers; no one messed with my brothers, no one. When I was in seventh grade, I had a crush on this boy Ryan. We started going out, mostly talking on the phone and going to the movies occasionally. Right before winter break, he said he did not want to go out anymore. Ryan broke my heart, and, at thirteen, I thought my life was over. My brothers found out about what happened, and when we went back to school a week later, Ryan had a broken nose and two black eyes. To this day, when I see him, he will look the other way, or cross the street if he sees me coming. I asked my brothers what they did to him, and they always said they did not know anything about it.
Just when I was heading back upstairs to my room to take a nap, I heard Cooper talking to Hunter. "Dude, you better look out for my sister while you guys are away at school. I don't like that asshole."
"I know. I don't like him either. I'll keep her safe."
{my thoughts}
This book rocks!! I love the storyline. For some reason I've always liked the stories that had a girl with overprotective big brothers and secret relationships. There is always so much drama in them...and Smith did not disappoint in Trying Not To Love You. She nailed it! I fell in love with the characters and the story. It was awesome! .... and then there was a cliffhanger. Oh my good golly!! Cliffhangers are evil, but to wait on book #2. 

Anyways, in my sweet (non-bossy way) I'm saying...GO GET A COPY NOW! :) 

Purchase your copy of Trying Not To Love You by Megan Smith on Amazon.

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