Thursday, April 4, 2013

Interview with K.A. Robinson Author of Torn & Twisted


Today for your reading pleasure I have a little Q & A with K.A. Robinson, author of Torn and Twisted. She offered up interviews to 5 bloggers and I jumped at the chance although I had no clue what I was going to ask her. :)

You see after I read her books I started to maybe Facebook stalk her a little. Just a little. You know normal fangirl stuff. Well, now we are total BFFs and paint each others nails and watch old 80s movies in our pjs. Ok, we really don't do that but she is an awesome girl. She makes me feel so old. She's younger than my nephew for goodness sakes! We do share an unwavering love for M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold. ♥

M Shadows lead vocals A7X and my Drake
But we are off topic (M Shadows can do that to a girl ;) ) I was saying I had no clue what to ask her. I had never done an interview before so I just typed out some stuff. It may leave you wanting more and if so you'll need to go find her on her fan page and ask her yourself. She won't mind at all! :P

1. When you were creating the characters for your book did you already know how it was going to end or did it evolve as you wrote? When I first met them (in my head), I didn't. But as soon as I started writing it down, yes. There was just something about them.
2. Do you identify with any of the people in Torn or Twisted? I do, with all of them. I think I put a little bit of myself in all of them, whether I mean to or not.

3. Who’s your favorite character?Drake, followed closely by Michael (from Forbidden)
4. What was the hardest part for you to write? Any particular scene that was difficult?In Torn - when Chloe "cheated" with Logan. It felt so wrong to write, but I knew it was part of her story. In Twisted - when Drake started abusing again. The emotions he felt seeped into me and I... I just had to stop.
5. Now that Torn and Twisted are doing so well and you are becoming a well known author do you ever look back and think how did I get here?
Every. single. day. I can't get over the fact that so many people actually read what I write. And even enjoy it. I feel so blessed and SO thankful for every single person who has bought my books. You guys mean the world to me.

And if you still haven't read the books! Click on the book covers above and go buy them!! They are aweeeeeesome! 

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