Monday, October 22, 2012

#ShapelyGirl Fitness - Week 2 & 3

When Blogger was acting up on me last week I missed the deadline for week 2 post. So instead of doing 2 separate posts I decided to combine them. :)

Week 2
What can I say about it? It sucked.

I had absolutely no motivation. Lots of stuff was going on in my head and I failed at being able to push it away. I did get one workout in which was really good. I felt a little burn I think mainly just because I hadn't done it in so many days. As far as food - I did okay. Not a lot of snacks. A little more pop than what I should have...but still not horrible. I just felt really bad that I allowed myself to dwell on negative things and not continue doing well.

I didn't bother weighing myself. I know I would have just felt worse.

Week 3
A much better week workout wise! I got back in the groove and my body didn't ache. It just felt worked out. Does that make sense? I think it does. :)

The workouts on the dvd really get my body moving and it feels good. It's hard to explain the feeling if you don't do it. Maybe it's the high from the endorphins that get released. I'm not sure but I like this feeling! Debra Mazda, creator of the ShapelyGirl Fitness videos stresses the importance of getting up and moving and being healthy at any size. And I am feeling very good about where I am at right now.

I didn't do well at eating....this was my pms week. So anything went. I ate and drank more than what I normally do and I'm sorry but I can't feel bad for that. This is only week I ever really binge. And for what I'm looking forward to, I allow it. I know there are other ladies out there who think the same way.

Again I didn't weigh...because I know the scales will be off. Water weight during this week would make me feel like a whale.

Now the good thing for the start of this week - week 4 - is...I woke up this morning feeling great! I had a super grouchy little girl on my hands but that got settled fast. I had coffee which I normally don't do because I just don't drink it everyday. But I feel good and energized and ready to take on the world! Or at least my little piece of it.

So let's get moving with Debra and make it a good day!

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