Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: Copycat Recipe for Gino's Pubwich

I love food. I love eating good food. So when my buddy, Amy posted this recipe on her blog,...I knew I would have to try it.

Doesn't it look delicious??

Copycat recipe of Gino's Pubwich

This is a copycat recipe for Gino's Pubwich. Whenever I hear the word Pubwich I think of another Amy, I knew years ago in school who got pregnant and all she wanted to eat were these. I thought they were disgusting because they had lettuce. I hate lettuce, btw. But then I figured out you didn't have to have the lettuce and all was right with the world.

To find out how to make this click over here and get the recipe. And let me know if you tried it and loved it like we did! :)

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