Monday, July 9, 2012

Music Monday: Rock of Ages - Pour Some Sugar on Me

Ok, so I'm a big fan of 80's hair bands. I mean seriously. If I had been of age in the 80s and actually would have been a wild child, I would have been one of those crazy girls who threw their panties on stage. But I have never been wild and I didn't, so instead I blog about it. ;)

Yesterday, I bought the Rock of Ages Soundtrack.

Now, this is a big deal because I'm not a huge Tom cruise fan. That dude lost all respect when he started jumping on couches and flippin' out on tv. His extremely boring sex tape (I mean movie) with now ex-wife Nicole Kidman didn't help things either. Other than Cocktail and Top Gun this guy hasn't done anything good, in my opinion.

Yet I'm hearing all kinds of wonderful things about this movie. And I wonder can Tom Cruise really pull off playing an 80s rockster. From the music I'm hearing on the soundtrack...this may be it. I would say a comeback (he never left) but this recent divorce from Katie Holmes might not help things. Who knows maybe she was the one causing all the crazy and he'll return to normal. Maybe. We'll see.

Ok, I'm off topic.'s one of the songs and it's pretty darn good. I love this song. It's a really really good song. I could say more, but I'd embarrass myself. Listen. Enjoy. Then go buy it on Amazon. You can the soundtrack for only 99 cents. Just go here and press the "enter your code" button. Use coupon code HEARTMP3 for a $2 MP3 credit!

So tell me...what do you think? 

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