Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I read Fifty Shades of Grey...and survived.

Now before you start judging me. Stop.

I had heard of the books and thought....yeah, not for me. Classified as 'mommy porn' I laughed, I'm married I don't need that. My life isn't that boring. But then everyone kept talking about it. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. So I thought why not? If it sucks, then I'll stop reading it. 

See when the Twilight movie first came out I resisted it. I rolled my eyes at all previews and had no interest in a "teen" movie. One night the hubby and I were looking for a movie...and we picked it because we liked Buffy & Angel. Maybe it would be okay. And then I fell in love. Read all the books and fell even deeper. They were good! 

You know I love reading and I will read anything. So this was literally just another story for me. I'm not one of those that believes that a book or movie is going to corrupt my whole being. I feel like I have enough sense to know real from fake...and to not let it influence me. I mean, I watched Twilight but I don't think I can suck your blood, you know. And I don't worship vampires. Except Edward. Just kidding just kidding! :)

And in reading this, I didn't feel like I was going to turn into some kind of sex freak. The books, from what I had heard, was a love story...with a twist.

So anyways let's fast forward to me actually reading it and my thoughts....

In my opinion, it honestly wasn't that good. I just couldn't get into it. I literally dissected the story the entire time I was reading it. I laughed at the amount of sex in it. I mean come on people. No one does it that much. As for the freaky stuff...well whatever floats your boat.

I could see where some might find it exciting. I didn't. It was an okay story. For me, I just wanted a little more substance. The love story was buried so deep, it got boring for me. I read books 1 and 2...and started 3. But haven't finished. Sure I wonder what happened to Ana and Christian but not enough to try to dredge through it. At least right now.

I have ready many blog posts about why people aren't reading it. And that's cool. It's your choice. I applaud you for sticking to your beliefs. For those who read it and liked it. Good for you. Maybe you have some ideas for later.

As for me, I really don't remember anything particular about it. It wasn't a story that stuck with me. Most books I read do...

So what do you think?