Thursday, July 28, 2011

When are people going to understand?

It's all over the news - Amy Winehouse, her death and her addiction. 

Some are sympathetic. Others shrug it off as another worthless druggie overdosing and dying. The autopsy was inconclusive and they are doing further testing - yet it is very possible it was an overdose or some other illness caused by her addiction.

I was not a fan of Amy. But hearing about her death I was saddened. It was a tragedy that quite possibly been avoided.

But the girl had a problem. And she wasn't able to overcome it. Many are not.

Addiction is very very real. It's not just in their head. An addicts body craves the fix whatever it is. So many people don't think that though. They think the person can just get over it. That's NOT how it works. It's a daily battle that the person has to go through. Some days it's easy, some days very hard.

I was reading an article this morning 'Addiction is a DISEASE, dammit.' and I think it's a great, told by someone who battles addiction herself.

I thought about putting a picture or two on this post but I decided not to. Amy was a beautiful woman at one time in her life and having the other pics don't honor her memory at all.

Anyways, we as famiy, friends, neighbors...we have to be more tolerant. Don't judge someone until you know their story and always pray that they will find the strength to find help.

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