Monday, July 11, 2011

Music Monday ... take two

Ok, so I know I posted my Music Monday already...but I really love music and I can't just stop with one today. ;)

Music tells a story. It has emotions, it can cause emotions. It's freeing. You can turn up the radio, sing along...and be transported.

My songs today are gonna be country...and vintage country at that. My kinda music...the stuff I grew up listening to.

I can't find a video on YouTube for this one - Tracy Lawrence "If The World Had a Front Porch" I love this song. And I love front porches. :) I like all of Tracy Lawrence's songs. Go YouTube him.

But I DID find this one. :)

Ricochet "Love Is Stronger Than Pride"

And this one...Trisha Yearwood - "She's In Love With The Boy"

I can't embed this one. But it's a great one. Little Texas - "What Might Have Been"

And finally this one - McBride and the Ride "Sacred Ground"

And now I am done. Hope you enjoyed one (if not all of) these.

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