Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Organizing Hell and Decorating Kids' Bedroom & Toy Room

Ohhhh, you guys I need some help!

I'm at a loss as to what to do. Let me explain my problem and maybe you can give me some ideas.

Notice before kids things were straight and nice.
We live in a 3 bedroom doublewide. When we moved in we had so much space. I mean back then it was just me & Robby. But we were lucky we had lots of furniture because family had been real generous. We started out better than a lot of people.

1st Birthday, Gracie & Aunt Tori - G's room
Then we had Gracie...and we fixed up a nursery of sorts. I had a lot of bookcases and we left those...but moved in a rocker, changing table, toys, etc. She slept in our room though until she was 4. Oy vey! And so the other bedroom - we had an extra room for all our junk. The really sad thing is we never used her room...until she was around 3/4. It's now painted a very pepto pink color. Daddy didn't listen when I said we have to go light with color...Oh well.

And we still have a lot of stuff. LOL As much as Robby likes to act like I'm the packrat, he has a lot of things too. I've tried to keep everything straight. But have really been struggling.

Then our little Matthew came along and everything I thought I had done went to hell in a hand basket. So here's another child that brings with it more toys (of a different gender) and needed bedroom space. Now please don't get me wrong I wouldn't trade in my kids for the added space -- ok, most days anyway -- it's just I feel like I'm drowning in my own home.

So here the thing - I have a little girl in a room busting with toys and struggling to keep it clean and a little boy living in my bedroom. A toy room that looks like a tornado hit - when it's straight.

So the only thing I can think of is placing them both in the same bedroom for a few years. She's 7 and he's 2. So I feel it's still okay.

The toy room could then hold all the toys. That would be SO nice. Cause we have toys everywhere. Sure I could get rid of some, but they play with them. Well they'd play with their kitchen set if they could get to it. 

But how do I do it?

That's a real problem. I want it to be a nice space for both. I'd love for it to be a pretty room. Something like what you see on tv, or on one of my Facebook friends' pages. They seem to have their stuff together. But I'm not anywhere close to a decorator and I don't know what to do... I kind of have an idea on a color. Other than that I don't know where to start.

I need storage, decorating, and bed ideas...and of course I need to do it cheap.

Someone please help me!!!

*Sorry, I just couldn't make myself post pictures now...It's too embarrassing. *SIGH**