Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Organizing Hell and Decorating Kids' Bedroom & Toy Room

Ohhhh, you guys I need some help!

I'm at a loss as to what to do. Let me explain my problem and maybe you can give me some ideas.

Notice before kids things were straight and nice.
We live in a 3 bedroom doublewide. When we moved in we had so much space. I mean back then it was just me & Robby. But we were lucky we had lots of furniture because family had been real generous. We started out better than a lot of people.

1st Birthday, Gracie & Aunt Tori - G's room
Then we had Gracie...and we fixed up a nursery of sorts. I had a lot of bookcases and we left those...but moved in a rocker, changing table, toys, etc. She slept in our room though until she was 4. Oy vey! And so the other bedroom - we had an extra room for all our junk. The really sad thing is we never used her room...until she was around 3/4. It's now painted a very pepto pink color. Daddy didn't listen when I said we have to go light with color...Oh well.

And we still have a lot of stuff. LOL As much as Robby likes to act like I'm the packrat, he has a lot of things too. I've tried to keep everything straight. But have really been struggling.

Then our little Matthew came along and everything I thought I had done went to hell in a hand basket. So here's another child that brings with it more toys (of a different gender) and needed bedroom space. Now please don't get me wrong I wouldn't trade in my kids for the added space -- ok, most days anyway -- it's just I feel like I'm drowning in my own home.

So here the thing - I have a little girl in a room busting with toys and struggling to keep it clean and a little boy living in my bedroom. A toy room that looks like a tornado hit - when it's straight.

So the only thing I can think of is placing them both in the same bedroom for a few years. She's 7 and he's 2. So I feel it's still okay.

The toy room could then hold all the toys. That would be SO nice. Cause we have toys everywhere. Sure I could get rid of some, but they play with them. Well they'd play with their kitchen set if they could get to it. 

But how do I do it?

That's a real problem. I want it to be a nice space for both. I'd love for it to be a pretty room. Something like what you see on tv, or on one of my Facebook friends' pages. They seem to have their stuff together. But I'm not anywhere close to a decorator and I don't know what to do... I kind of have an idea on a color. Other than that I don't know where to start.

I need storage, decorating, and bed ideas...and of course I need to do it cheap.

Someone please help me!!!

*Sorry, I just couldn't make myself post pictures now...It's too embarrassing. *SIGH**


  1. I think one of the biggest things in organizing is knowing what to keep and what to toss or give away. I always had my daughter go through her toys twice a year(once before her birthday which is in April and right before Christmas). This made room for new things and got rid of serious clutter. I know Matthew can't do that right now so you will have to do it for him. (List the toys on the Yard Sale Facebook to make some extra cash!!) I know you say that they play with all the toys, but so many toys can be overwhelming!! I love the plastic carts on wheels that you can get at Wally World for about 9 to 12 bucks. They can be tucked in a closet or lined up against the wall. They even come in colors now, so you can add them to the decor. You can print out or make labels for the drawers for whatever items that you want to keep in them. Plus the drawers are clear and the kids can see what is in each drawer.

    Bookcases can be great for storage as well. I bought some baskets and canvas square totes that fit into my bookcase to hold small items. They can take the baskets and totes out and then put them back when they are done with them.

    I saw that you wanted a green color for paint (yay for facebook stalking LOL) I have the same color green in my living room. I love the color!!

    I wish you would send pictures of the room or post them lol

  2. Same Problem here. we only have a 2 bedroom house, and getting ready to make the living room our bedroom and move Tyler into my room now and Emmy in the center bedroom (had bigger closet).
    My house is over whelemed with toys, junk, and my craft stuff.
    I tried the plastic totes that were small enough to stash cars and small things in and under the bed.. that didn't last long.. they were either busted by a crazy little boy or became junk bins with trash because he put everything in the.
    I'm planning on taking some time next month to just clean (when the vaction days start over) and orgainize the house.. and sending the kids to where they need to be..LOL
    so I can't wait to hear the suggestions you get. goodness knows I need them too

  3. I think thinning things out is important. Pair down as much as you can! Kids don't need that many things. :) Erin


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