Sunday, January 2, 2011

January Friend #2 Amy

Oh Amy. What can I say about Amy? Or rather what can I say that she wouldn't wanna kick my butt for. Ha! Yea, she's that kinda friend.

I actually met Amy on a chat site years and years ago. I'd say somewhere around 1999. Then life got busy and we parted ways but then found each other again on BeckleyMommies. Wow. 2 friends from the same site!

And in case you are wondering, yes, I have met both of this month's friends (Nikki & Amy) in real life. It's not just an internet friendship. :)

Amy is a work at home mom to 2 sweet little boys. Like How I called them sweet Amy? hehe No, really, they are!! On top of working from home and raising two little men, she also blogs over at Harvest for Tomorrow. I'm proud to say that I influenced her to begin blogging. I'm such a leader. ;) But, seriously, Amy is a wonderful person. She has amazing faith and inspires everyone around her. I'm so glad we met, even if it was in our "wilder" years and we have so much junk on each other.

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