Thursday, September 2, 2010

An update...LOTS of pics!

This is my first post here - Well kinda. Except for the post directly before this...I just transferred all the posts over from Dragonflies 'n Daydreams. I decided I needed to separate the personal from the reviews. It just seemed so cluttered. :) Uhhh, yeah, and that's just something I'm sooooo good at. Do you feel the sarcasm? ;)

Ok anyways. So let's see what I've been up to.WARNING: lots of pics. :))

*I shared my birthday with a super special little girl. My niece Kenzie turned 3 and I turned *cough*thirtyone.

*Celebrated the Fourth of July - started out at Lowes and ended up in the Sheriff's Department parking lot. It's a long story that results in kids throwing fits and parents leaving then stopping to watch fireworks. Don't judge.

*Robby had his birthday. He's still decades older than me. Ok, not decades just 6 years. ;o)
He hates having his picture taken - hence, the get it over with look. I still think he's as handsome as the day we met!

*Matthew turned 2! My baby is getting so big!

*Haircut & color ... I'm one hot mama now ROFLMBO!!!!!

*Painted the shutters, porch light and started doing metal roofing on the house. :) ♥ metal roofing! Robby's been working on it on his days off and since he hasn't ever done it, it's taking awhile - but it'll be worth it!!

*Gracie's birthday - She's SEVEN!!! :)

*My nephew, Ethan's 5th birthday...what is up with all these kids being born in the summer? All I can say is winter can be awfully cold.... ;o)
My camera batteries died - this was taken on Gracie's b-day.

*First day of 1st grade....

*Stacked our washer and a new chest freezer. Yay!!!! I can buy meat in bulk!
We added a cabinet over the freezer. So the basket is gone now. I love the feel of it. Seems like there is more space in this small utility room. LOVE the fact Robby works at Lowes and can get good deals.

Right now:
*Listening to Gracie & Matt play school in the kitchen. 

*Listening to country music on the Music Choice channels. - Billy Dean "If There Hadn't Been You"

*Waiting on my man to come home from work. 8 days straight. He's been working so hard. I'm so proud he's my hubby. I ♥ him so much!

Ok, well, the kids are fighting now...Gotta go referee. ;o) 

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  1. Loving the pics!!!! See I am still "thinking" about having a different blog than my reviews, etc. I don't want people to "think" that I am


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