Monday, September 13, 2010

Just another ending...

I grew up watching soap operas. I mean I was little when I started watching them, I can remember it was well before I went to school.

And you should know that dedicated soap opera watchers don't call them soap operas, but they are 'shows'. We watch our shows. :)

My Granny always watched the CBS shows. Which for the longest time consisted of Young and the Restless, Capitol, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light. They started at 12:30 and ended at 4 o'clock. Eventually Capitol went off the air, and a new show called Bold and The Beautiful came on.

Ohhhh boy. I remember watching the drama of the Abbots and Newmans, joining the Snyders on their farm and wanting to know if Reva would finally nab Josh. There was always such dramatic things going on. And the women were dressed so fancy. Sparkling dresses, makeup and gorgeous hair. It was all so fascinating for a young girl.

It was very rare for Granny to miss any of her shows. If storing* or doctoring* was to be done you went in the morning and got it over with. Lunch was served during the noon news and supper was put on and then checked during commercials. Add in an apple (or 2) a day around 2 o'clock to keep the doctor away and the blood sugar straight.

Now this may sound a little strange. You might think wow they were obsessed with those dumb shows. But for us they weren't dumb, they provided the drama and entertainment that we just didn't get in a small country town.

Anyways, what this post is about how another CBS show has been canceled. Sometime this month As the World Turns will join Guiding Light (which ended Sept. 18th 2009) as just one of many soaps that have ended. I know shows end, but this makes me sad.

What makes me saddest about it is that this was something special I had with my Granny. She's been gone now for 13 years, and I often wonder what she would have thought about things now. How the world has changed and I really just miss her. This is just something else of her's that is now gone.

I know one day I'll get to see her again and I can't wait til that day. To see her, my Grandpa, and my other Grandma. They were very important in my life and I know they are keeping a spot warm for me and mine.

I just wonder...will Heaven show reruns of all these old soaps? Cause I know if they do where I'll be from 12:30 til 4. :)

*Storing: A southern saying for going grocery shopping.
*Doctoring: Another southern saying. Means you go to the doctor.


  1. I used to be a Days of Our Lives fan. Never missed an episode. Isn't it funny though how you can miss two months and then turn it back on and feel like you never missed anything? LOL

    Visiting you from Mingle Monday. Your blog is absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to read more.

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  2. It's like you were peeping in my family's windows, except we were watching the NBC version of pretty much the same stories. And I'm with you, those reruns would be wonderful. I wonder if they'll put them on a cable channel or somethings. Now that's be awesome!

    Thanks for joining in on Mingle Monday!


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