Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sing-A-Lingo Buenas Noches, Amigos Singable Book Review

Have you wanted to find a way to teach your child Spanish in an easy fun way? Well, here ya go! :) Sing-A-Lingo teaches preschool children and more how to speak/sing a new language.

This is such a fun product for kids. Whether you homeschool or your child loves Dora or Diego and wants to be more like them this is an easy way to introduce a new language.

We received for review the Buenos Noches, Amigos Singable book with 2 song downloads.  The two songs included in this book are Burbujas- Bubbles and Buenas Noches- Good Night. But there is an entire CD available for separate purchase.

Gracie really enjoyed this! She has been interested in other languages for awhile now, but I've always worried about trying to teach it to her. But this was so easy. She ran around the house singing and "teaching" Matthew new words. He just laughed and tried to repeat what she said. It was adorable! It was a fun, stress-free way for her to learn more. Awesome!

The cost is only $9.99 plus S&H. And with this special promo code provided to us you will get 10% off - 1mama2buzz3. Just enter it at checkout.

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*Disclaimer: This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by: Sing-A-Lingo for this review. All thoughts expressed are my own and were in no way affected by a free product.*

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