Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NOW - Day 1

Over at NaBloPoMo the theme for the month of June is NOW. So I'm going to try to do this all month long...I'm not very good at it - blogging everyday - but I promise to try. :)

But now I have the problem of deciding what I'm going to write about daily...YIKES!

Luckily, NaBloPoMo understands we sometimes get writers block and they have decided to give a writing prompt each day Mon-Fri...Saturday & Sunday I'm on my own! LOL

Today's was: When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a mommy and wife. That I knew for sure. There were also times I thought I could do that and have a career. At one point I thought a lawyer might be good, I do like to argue and it always seemed fascinating. BUT I didn't like going to school on a regular basis and then to pay to go to school...ummm, really not liking that idea. ;) I also thought about writing children's books, but I could never get an entire story out. I'd just have bits and pieces come to me. I also liked writing research papers, but I don't know if I could make a living of it.

So a mama it was.

And I enjoy it. I really can't see myself doing anything else. I love being at home with my little ones and watching them get to do all their "firsts" with me. I like watching them learn the ABCs & 123s. I'm not much into housework and cooking - but it's a necessary evil and I do a pretty good job of keeping it all done.

Today for instance I've....
~ packed 2 lunches
~ got my man off to work
~ got the princess off to school (only 4 1/2 days left til summer break!)
~ made up a couple of beds
~ checked email
~ Facebook :D
~ baked 2 pizzas for lunch, an after school snack, and leftovers.
~ washed and dried a load of clothes. They are awaiting being folded. They wait patiently cause they ♥ me like that. Also washed 2 blankets that Matthew got cheesies all over...
~ read the 1st chapter - "His Wife" in The Power of a Praying Wife for S.H.M.I.L.Y. for 30 days of prayer.
~ found a moldy french fry in a kitchen drawer that I can only assume Matthew put there for later?? (I decided not to share that picture)
~ wrote a couple blog posts

That may not seem like a lot. But you do have to remember I have an almost 2 year old attached to me who loves to attack you by licking...

Like how he's rocking the vintage Dukes of Hazzard t-shirt? 
That was his mama's when she was a young girl. ;)

I need to...
~ get Gracie off the bus
~ do a sink full of dishes
~ vacuum the living room floor
~ fold and put away the above mentioned laundry
~ make tacos for dinner
~ help Gracie with her homework
~ put both monkeys to bed
~ spend time with hubby
~ start Week One of a Biblical Motherhood

I want to...
~ edit some pictures
~ watch Glee

I figure by the end of the day all of that will be accomplished except maybe the editing of pictures. That requires a good bit of quiet time for me. We shall see. :)

That's what's going on with me right NOW. What about you?


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