Friday, March 12, 2010

Coming Soon: Pix-O-Sphere

Pix-O-Sphere Family Friendly Photo Community
Have you heard of Pix-O-Sphere?
Pix-O-Sphere™ is an upcoming Family Friendly Photo Community where you'll be able to host, share, and sell your photos within the safety of our community. There's a lot of room for growth in our future here at Pix-O-Sphere™ and we'd love to have you join us very soon. ~ from the Pix-o-Sphere website

 I'm so excited for them to be up and running! It's so hard to find wholesome, good quality photographs online and I believe Pix-O-Sphere will be the place to find all your photo needs. :) This will be a great way for people to make a little income from their pictures. Right now that'll be a blessing for many.

They are in beta testing right now but you can follow Pix-O-Sphere on Facebook and Twitter.You can also sign up on the Pix-O-Sphere website to be notified when they will launching.


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