Monday, October 19, 2009

I need sleep but I'm blogging instead!

Seriously, I am sooo tired. I didn't sleep good last night. I got maybe 4.5 hours. You know how you lay down to go to bed and then it's like a switch turns your mind on. Yea, it was one of those nights. So I laid there awhile and then got up and watched t.v. and played online. I found a website called Africam ~ it is the COOLEST!! It's live video feed from Africa. You can see all kinds of animals (if they are out). I think I watched it for about an hour before the nature sounds started to lull me to sleep.

I had a day today where I did absolutely NOTHING. Well, obviously I had to take care of baby and feed the family, but no housework at all. I was on a mini-strike. But I'll pay for it tomorrow when I have to make up for not doing it today. But I do say it was worth it. :) Everyone needs a day of nothingness.

When Gracie got home from school she had received her Scholastic book order. She had chosen the Hello Kitty 12-book phonic readers. She sat down and with a little help read a whole book to me. I am one proud mama!!! OH!!! I almost forgot ~ Matthew got two more teeth making the total 14. He has a mouthful!! Precious!

Right now both babies are in bed, yet I'm still not there. It's so nice and peaceful I'm soaking it up. :) It's an oddity. I don't think I truly realized it would be this noisy with two kids. Matthew is so small but wow if he doesn't pack a punch. From the moment he wakes in the morning, he's like the Energizer Bunny. He usually takes one nap late morning/early afternoon and IF I'm lucky it lasts about 2-3 hours.

I think I'll share some pics before I sign off of here...I mean you do wanna see some pics of my cuties don't you??


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  1. Such adorable pictures!

    And hey, thanks a lot for getting me addicted to the African webcam thingy. My husband laughed at me while I stared intensely at the computer screen, I even shrieked with joy when I saw a lone bird come into view. Ai ai chihuahua, it's so fun!


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