Monday, August 31, 2009

Homeschool Resource of the Day: Movie Week

Aug 31 - Sept 4th: MOVIE WEEK!

Yes, this week is "Movie Week" at HomeschoolFreebieOfTheDay! Each day we'll be featuring fascinating, fun and educational videos for your whole family to enjoy. >From short little clips and cartoons to full length features, we'll have lots of great new stuff...some classic requested favorites from the past...and some unexpected surprises to boot!

Check them out each day this week at:


Sunday, August 30, 2009 Cleaner Giveaway Extended

I am extending the Smelly Washer Cleaner Giveaway until Friday September 4th at 11:59PM. No one entered and I am extremely sad. This is a great green product that really works. You will not regret go do it NOW! :)

Enter on the original post located here.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Win 500 Custom Business Cards from Digital Room

Digital is the place to create your custom die-cut business cards. You can choose between 3 different business card sizes. And they don’t put their logo on the back - great, huh?

The Digital is giving TWO of my readers a chance to win!

TWO prize winners will receive:

500 Business Cards

Choose size: 2x3.5”, 2x3”, 2x2";
Choose paper: 14pt cardstock (matte or gloss coating) & 13 pt cardstock uncoated
Choose Color: (4/4) Color both sides; (4/1) Color 1 side , B/W backside; (4/0) Color 1 side, black backside

Shipping must be paid by Winner. Offer Valid for UNITED STATES SHIPPING ONLY.

To enter to win, just leave me a comment telling me how you would use these business cards. (Mandatory entry)

For additional entries (leave comments for each):

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This giveaway will end at 11:59 PM EST September 9th.
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Win a $100 Gift Card from The Container Store

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine wants to see how you spiff up for the school year!

Does your schoolhouse need cleaning?

Do you have any ideas for small spaces or decluttering to help you stay organized throughout the year?

Inspire others or simply gain valuable insight by sharing your story
and photos with us!

To participate, visit their Facebook fan page, and if you aren’t already a fan, become one at:

To enter, simply send in as many photos as you can of your personalized schoolhouse. Include captions for your photos in as few words as you wish, or create a photo essay. Be creative, have fun, and get excited!

Staff will choose 5 photos on Sept 3rd, and fans will then have until Sept 8th to choose their favorite of the 5. The winners will receive a 1-year subscription to My Audio School and a $15 gift certificate for scrapbooking supplies from Creative Memories.

After the five winners are chosen, TOS will post their submissions to The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine Facebook fan page, where fans will vote ‘thumbs up’ on their favorite of the five finalists for the grand prize of a $100 gift certificate to The Container Store.

View full contest details here:


PBS KIDS Tips for Back to School

Help Children Ease Back Into the School Year With PBS KIDS®!

PBS PARENTS Experts Share Tips on Getting Kids and Parents Prepared for the New School Year

Starting the school year can be a time of great excitement... and anxiety. Help calm your child's fears with these teacher-approved hints that will get everyone ready for the big day:

Ease into the routine. The start of a new year can be stressful - practice your routine a few days in advance.

Ask your child compelling questions. Specific questions help children picture what school will be like.

Describe what will happen on the first day. This will help ease nervousness or confusion.

Tool up. Obtain the class supply list and take a special shopping trip, letting your child pick out a few special items.

For more helpful tips, visit And check out the new Back to School channel on the PBS KIDS GO! Video Player ( for
curriculum-based clips from ARTHUR, THE ELECTRIC COMPANY, MAYA & MIGUEL and more to
foster learning!

Get your child back into the school groove with THE ELECTRIC COMPANY! Here are some suggestions from to keep the literacy learning going even out of the classroom.

Create a cozy, comfortable reading space with your child. Set rules for this area in your home to maintain peaceful reading.

Let your kids catch you reading. Talk about what you read in newspapers, books, and magazines with your children so they understand the importance of reading.

Encourage your child to read aloud at home. Your child will learn to read with expression and understanding while sharing stories with you – and siblings and grandparents, too!

A trip to the grocery store can reinforce reading skills. Have your child write the grocery list, find the items using the store's signs, and read product labels — you can also encourage healthy eating.

The weather is still HOT when the school bell rings, so COOL off and turn your kitchen into the next “Super Fab Lab” with Sid the Science Kid and this fun science experiment!

My Ice Pops!

ice cube trays
your kid’s favorite fruit!
heat and moisture safe dishes with sides

1. Put one piece of fruit in each section of the ice
2. Cover with water and put into freezer
3. Check regularly to observe how long it takes to freeze
4. When frozen, remove and turn the cubes onto the dish. Observe what happens to the
water around the fruit.
5. Brainstorm and discuss ways to get the fruit out of the ice. What can you do?
6. Try some solutions – add warm water, microwave, or just wait.
7. Enjoy the fruit when the ice melts!

Check out for more activities, tips and experiments from your favorites PBS KIDS shows!

There’s lots more to look forward to at PBS KIDS this fall….

Hop on board the fun and fantastical DINOSAUR TRAIN, a new daily CGI animated series for preschoolers that encourages basic scientific thinking and skills as viewers learn about natural science, natural history and paleontology through the adventures of Buddy, his family and friends – premieres September 7th!

Find more at


Homeschool Resource of the Day: How to Create Hairstyles Using Old Fashioned Rag Curls

Creatively Simple - How to Create Hairstyles Using Old Fashioned Rag Curls
by Penny Raine (PDF ebook)

With 5 daughters, all with long hair, Penny Raine has plenty of experience making little girls look great. There is nothing that says "special occasion" better than a great style created with rag curls. Young girls love to dress up and be pretty but it isn't necesarry to indulge in the current styles - the old fashioned look is even more fun and maintains the wholesome look girls often lack today. With rag curls you can get the Shirly Temple ringlets or soft waves or anything in between! Learn the tips and tricks of styling with rag curls from a pro!

You can get it today only at


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Homeschool Resource of the Day: The Brownies at Home

The Brownies at Home by Palmer Cox (PDF ebook)

In this classic collection of Palmer Cox's beloved "Brownies" stories, there is one story for each month of the year as the Brownies visit some early American landmarks and also create their own seasonal fun. Your kids will enjoy finding their own "favorite brownie" in Cox's wonderfully complex illustrations.

You can get it today only at


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Homeschool Resource of the Day: Ballistic Homeschooling

Ballistic Homeschooling (mp3 audio seminar)

Have you ever had a war break out in the middle of history or had a math lesson last three hours? Homeschooling boys can be a huge challenge for those of us raised in our feminized schools. Listen to this excellent presentation from a mother that has taught six boys at one time from Kindergarten to 12th grade share how to turn wiggle worms into scholars and boys into real men!

You can get it today only at


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Websites for Freebies & Cheapies

A friend of mine quit her job today, as she has decided to stay home with her two boys. This is going to be a big change for her - going from two incomes to one. I'd say in a about a week she's probably going to start freaking out and wonder what in the world she did. :) But as I've told her I think this is a great thing she is doing and I'm sure that everything will be fine! Her boys will prosper from this move.

She asked me what sites I liked to visit to get free and cheap stuff OR just frugal tips. So I'm going to make a list here and ask that if you have any to add please leave the link in comments. Us mamas have to stick together you know. :) Also I've added a Mr. Linky so that if you have any blog posts related to this topic they can be added also.

Be warned!!! These are in no particular order and it's not even all the sites I go to (honestly, I can't remember all of them - they just pop in and out of my head). :)
Hillbilly Housewife
Angel Food Ministries
Freebies 4 Mom
PaperBack Swap
This Side of Eternity
Money Saving Mom
"Deal"ectible Mommies
Saving Cents with Sense
The Copper Brick Road
Grocery Price Blog
Red Plum

Please don't be offended if I left someone off. I KNOW there are lots more that I visit, but I Google search a lot. :) Typing in free samples "product name" works very well.

Also, when your birthday rolls around lots of places will give you free stuff. For a list of everything go to Freebies 4 Mom's Birthday list.


One Hour Parties Business Opportunity

Have you heard of One Hour Parties? I hadn't until recently but I am lovin' the concept of this!

One Hour Parties® is a “one-stop” party and event service designed to meet the demand for quick, creative and affordable celebrations. Their “off the shelf, “pre-packaged,” and “a la carte” party services are appropriate for any event including work parties, kid’s parties, social soirees, weddings and more. In addition, One Hour Parties provides custom party and event planning services through their “Party Your Way” program. One Hour Parties has sincere pride in offering these clever party solutions, great customer service and a fantastic party experience for their customers.

If you have kids then you know how hard it is to plan out the perfect birthday party. Well, I do, at least. I always try to make it perfect and drive myself nuts about it. This would be a great way to take away that stress.

One Hour Parties is looking for smart, fun-spirited, enthusiastic, sales and marketing oriented women (or men) who want to work at home and start their own business. If you love planning parties and live near a major metropolitan area then this may be for you! One Hour Parties offers training and support as you grow you new business. Let them train you on their unique form of party planning and show how to capture your own piece of the $500 billion event planning industry worldwide. Even during a recession people still celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, corporate milestones and holidays…parties are virtually recession-proof! To find out more about opening your own franchise click here.


Homeschool Resouce of the Day: Civility Costs You Nothing

Civility Costs You Nothing: Great Quotes on Manners (PDF ebook)

(Yes, today's resource is meant to offset yesterdays' ebook - ha!) Many writers, observers and philosophers have written about the value of good manners throughout the ages. Their comments contain much insight, humor and wisdom, and have application for our kids even today. This unique compilation of great quotations can be used for penmanship practice, memorization, or to print out and stick some choice quotes on your refrigerator door!

You can get it today only at


Monday, August 24, 2009

I Heart Faces: Nostalgia

This week at I Heart Faces the theme is Nostalgia.

I chose this picture for two reasons - one because I can't believe that my daughter is 6 years old now and starting school in a couple days. It seems like just yesterday she was the little girl in the picture. The second reason is because I was always a daddy's girl (still am actually) and seeing Gracie with my dad makes me teary-eyed.


Feeding America: Virtual Sandwich Swap 'n Share

For every sandwich created as part of the virtual Sandwich Swap 'n' Share program on, Hellmann's and Best Foods will donate 7 lunches to Feeding America.

If that isn't enough, you just might win something, too! Each sandwich created will automatically enter you for a chance to win a $250 grocery store gift certificate. And for every friend on Facebook that you share your sandwich with, Hellmann's and Best Foods will donate an additional 7 lunches to the charity.

This is a great way to help out and it's so much fun also! Go to to start today.

Thanks to MomSelect for sharing this awesome program with me.


Back to School Tips from Sprite & TwitterMoms

Well, it's that time again...can you believe summer is almost over? The past 3 months FLEW By! And Gracie is getting ready to start Kindergarten. As some of you know, we held her back last year and homeschooled (to the best of my ability, I hope :?) She wasn't ready for public school and I definitely wasn't ready for her to leave the nest. That's not saying I'm ready now either though. If I had my choice she'd be right here with me - but because it has to be a decision that both parents can agree on - she'll start K full time on Thursday. She is very excited and a bit nervous, but definitely ready. :)

Since I haven't had to do this before I don't really have any back to school tips for other parents, but I will say that I think a positive attitude from the parent makes a world of difference. Gracie is a bit nervous about making friends and whether or not they will like her. I assure her that she is very likable and that it just won't be possible for EVERY student to like her, but that she will have many friends. Also, we have decided she will ride the bus to school - they say that this is something that makes it easier for children to adjust to going to school. I can totally understand this - because I know I'll be able to hold the tears in until the bus is out of sight. Then the water works will begin. ;)

Do you have any back to school tips for first timers like me? I would LOVE to hear them.

Sprite & TwitterMoms are also giving you a special code to enter at Every 10 minutes until 8/31, Sprite is giving away up to $100 cash (as downloadable eCash from MasterCard or as a check reward redeemable at a network of retailers). Just type in 100876829464 to see if you’re an instant winner; it’s as easy as that! The code can only be used once per individual, but can be used by any number of individuals, so be sure to share it with everyone.


Free Homeschooling Brochures & E-Book from TOS

As families prepare for a new homeschool year, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine wants to support you by sharing their newest brochure and a few other resources.

What About Public Schools is the newest brochure that examines public schooling vs. homeschooling.

Also the fantastic "Escaping the Homeschool Matrix" article available, which has been most popular!

Homeschooing With Confidence brochure answers 10 of the most commonly asked homeschool-related questions. TOS trusts it will be a blessing to homeschooling families.

In addition, two E-Books are available to download for free--no strings attached.

E-Homeschooling: Embracing the E-Book Revolution

Discover all you ever wanted to know about E-Books, their use in homeschooling, and even how to publish your own! Gain a better understanding of the many ways E-Books can improve your homeschooling by quickly and resourcefully linking you with the latest information on a seemingly endless supply of lessons, encouragement, support materials, and more! E-Homeschooling is hyperlinked to additional reference material, purchasing sources, and free E-Book websites to sample and enjoy.

Are Public Schools an Option for Christian Kids?

Learn about how the public school system began, and by whom. What was the original intent of this system? As a Christian parent, can you confidently make the decision to place your child in the public school environment day after day, year after year?
What is being taught there?
What is the national drop-out rate?
Is God being honored. . . respected. . . lifted up?

And don't forget about the TOS Freebie Directory...

This is a wonderful list which offers 40 free items from vendors within the homeschool community. These are free and clear to pass on, and there is no need to buy anything.


$5 Discount on TOS 2 yr Subscription + 19 FREE Gifts

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is giving you a $5 discount off the purchase of either a 2-year US subscription, a 2 year-plus current issue (Fall) subscription, or a renewal to TOS Magazine, and if you subscribe during the Summer Bouquet promotion, you get all 19 free gifts too! You can find out more about the Summer Bouquet promotion here.

Use this code during checkout: LP2SGL5OFF


200 Custom Postcards Giveaway (2 winners) is a great place to create your own custom postcards. Whether you are needing a baby announcement, invitation, thank you card, or a holiday greetings - these postcards are the perfect choice.

And is giving TWO of my readers a chance to win!

TWO prize winners will receive:
* 200 Custom Postcards (choose your size: 4x6, 4.25x6, 5x7"); 14pt gloss or matte,
13 pt uncoated
* Full Color on both sides (4/4)

Shipping must be paid by Winner. Offer Valid for UNITED STATES SHIPPING ONLY.

To enter to win, just leave me a comment telling me how you would use these postcards. (Mandatory entry)

For additional entries (leave comments for each):

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This giveaway will end at 11:59 PM EST September 2nd.
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Homeschool Resource of the Day: Truly Terrible Tales

Truly Terrible Tales of Truly Terrible Kids With Truly Terrible Manners (PDF ebook)

We know lots of kids love wild and crazy stuff, and this is about as nutty a "classic" as they come. We can guarantee your Boys especially will be enthralled with this book (IF you decide to allow them to see it -- it's your call!) This amazing full color children's picture book from the 1800's, "Struwwelpeter" by Heinrich Hoffman, has the subtitle "Merry Stories and Funny Pictures". But what it really features are hilarious, awful stories of bad boys with horrible manners, who get their comeuppance in terrible ways because of it. It is, as we like to call it,"bad manners on steroids
in the Twilight Zone."

You can get it today only at


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Homeschool Resource of the Day: Mary Frances First Aid Book

Mary Frances First Aid Book (PDF ebook)

Yet another classic volume in the Mary Frances series! Mary Frances learns about First Aid from the adventures of her doll family, and along the way discovers some practical ways to render first aid
to the sick and injured herself! Another delightfully written and beautifully illustrated story/lesson book!

You can get it today only at


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Homeschool Resource of the Day: Home Management Nuts & Bolts

Home Management Nuts & Bolts: Budgets and Schedules (mp3 audio)

In this practical audio workshop conducted by Marc Carrier, you'll learn how to apply basic project management principles in the home to help you be a better steward of your time and money.

You can get it today only at


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Homeschool Resource of the Day: The Book of 500 Curious Puzzles

The Book of 500 Curious Puzzles (PDF ebook)

Here’s a classic collection from way back in 1859 of all sorts of odd and interesting puzzles, riddles, mazes, math problems and oddities to challenge and bemuse puzzle lovers. Are you as smart as the kids of that bygone era? Check out these picture and cutout puzzles, practical paradoxes and brain boggling arithmetic puzzles and see! (Don’t worry, they couldn’t solve all of these, either.) Tons of fun stuff in here!

You can get it today only at


Monday, August 17, 2009

Weight of Silence Book Review

It happens quietly one August morning. As dawn's shimmering light drenches the humid Iowa air, two families awaken to find their little girls have gone missing in the night.

Seven-year-old Calli Clark is sweet, gentle, a dreamer who suffers from selective mutism brought on by tragedy that pulled her deep into silence as a toddler.

Calli's mother, Antonia, tried to be the best mother she could within the confines of marriage to a mostly absent, often angry husband. Now, though she denies that her husband could be involved in the possible abductions, she fears her decision to stay in her marriage has cost her more than her daughter's voice.

Petra Gregory is Calli's best friend, her soul mate and her voice. But neither Petra nor Calli has been heard from since their disappearance was discovered. Desperate to find his child, Martin Gregory is forced to confront a side of himself he did not know existed beneath his intellectual, professorial demeanor.

Now these families are tied by the question of what happened to their children. And the answer is trapped in the silence of unspoken family secrets.

This is without a doubt a parent's worst nightmare. Having a child disappear and being totally helpless as to what you can do. Heather Gudenkauf, author of The Weight of Silence, captures the raw emotions from several people's perspective. I started reading this book late in the evening - after my children were tucked snug in their beds. I didn't put it down until I was done at 1 in the morning. I just couldn't stop reading - I wanted to know what happened next. By the time I was finished I felt a mirage of feelings - numb, yet pleased, sad but at the same time satisifed. I know what a weird combination, huh...and you may not understand it, until you read the book. I went to bed soon after, but not before I checked the doors (twice) and kissed both my babies.

This is a story about families, love, tragedy, and hope. I highly recommend reading this amazing debut book. I feel it will make you appreciate what you have and hold onto everything a little bit closer.

Thank you MotherTalk for giving me the opportunity to read such a touching book.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Homeschool Resource of the Day: Songs from Calico Spanish

Songs from Calico Spanish (mp3 audio)

Are your kids learning Spanish this year? A great way to teach them is through these "teaching songs" on the new Calico Spanish CD, "Mi Guitarri". Today we feature three full spanish learning songs from this new collection, plus a PDF guide to Spanish teaching resources. Check it out!

You can get it today at


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Homeschool Resource of the Day: Drawing for Beginners

Drawing For Beginners (PDF ebook)

A small boy was asked: "How do you draw?" He answered: "I think... and then I draw round my think." This excellent book by Dorothy Furniss is a great introduction to drawing and sketching from life and from your imagination, and the tools you draw with. Lots of great illustrations too.

You can get it today only at


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Homeschool Resource of the Day: Raggedy Andy Stories

Raggedy Andy Stories (PDF ebook)

The delightful sequel to "Raggedy Ann Stories" featured here two weeks back, with tons of beautiful illustrations and wonderful stories of the Raggedys and their make believe friends.

You can get it today only at


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Homeschool Resource of the Day: Building Toy Boats

Building Toy Boats (PDF ebook)

Classic guide to building and sailing your own miniature toy boats and other
floating craft.

You can get it today only at


Monday, August 10, 2009

Homeschool Resource of the Day: The Perseid Meteor Shower

The Perseid Meteor Shower! (links & PDF ebooks)

One of the most spectacular meteor showers of the year occurs Tuesday
and Wednesday of this week! Here's all the info you need to get out and enjoy these cosmic fireworks.

You can get it today only at


$500 Back to School Giveaway from Cookie's

Did the kids grow a size again this year, or did they hit a big growth spurt and jump two sizes this summer? Don’t fret – is here to help with an AMAZING contest!

What is Cookie's?
Cookie's is the World's Largest Kids' Department Store and the #1 School Uniform Headquarters in the U.S. Based in Queens, NY, Cookie's now has a 7 store emporium as well as the online store,

What is the Contest? would like to give one reader a $500 gift card to buy clothes for back to school! Two winners will receive a $250 gift card each and three winners will each receive a $100 gift card.

How Can I Enter?
Simply submit a picture of your child in an article of clothing offered on at the Cookie’s Flickr group ( then fill out the form here.

When Does This Contest End?
You must enter by 11:59 a.m. ET September 4th.

Want more information? Go to for more details.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rock of Ages cd Review

I grew up listening to all the 80's hair bands - you know, Journey, Bon Jovi, Foreigner, and so on. To this day I prefer that type of music to what they play on the radio now. Ok, now DO NOT get me wrong - I like many of today's artists - but there is just something about listening to songs of days gone by that just spark the memories!

Recently, I was given the opportunity by One2One Network to review the Rock of Ages cd. You're probably thinking what is Rock of I'm going to give you some background info first....

About Rock of Ages
In 1987 on the Sunset Strip, a small town girl met a big city rocker and in LA’s most famous rock club, they fell in love to the greatest songs of the 80s. It’s ROCK OF AGES, an arena-rock love story told through the mind-blowing, face-melting hits of JOURNEY, NIGHT RANGER, STYX, REO SPEEDWAGON, PAT BENATAR, TWISTED SISTER, POISON, ASIA, WHITESNAKE and many more.

Who is in it?
ROCK OF AGES stars American Idol's Constantine Maroulis (Tony Award nomination for Best Actor in Musical), Amy Spanger (The Wedding Singer ) and James Carpinello (Xanadu and Saturday Night Fever)

Track List:
* ”Just Like Paradise / Nothin' But A Good Time“
* ”Sister Christian“
* ”We Built This City / Too Much Time On My Hands“
* ”I Wanna Rock“
* ”We're Not Gonna Take It“
* ”Heaven / More Than Words / To Be With You“
* ”Waiting For A Girl Like You“
* ”Wanted Dead Or Alive“
* ”I Want To Know What Love Is“
* ”Cum On Feel The Noize / We're Not Gonna Take It“ (Reprise)
* ”Harden My Heart / Shadows Of The Night“
* ”Here I Go Again“
* ”The Final Countdown“
* ”Any Way You Want It / I Wanna Rock (Reprise)“
* ”High Enough“
* ”I Hate Myself For Loving You / Heat Of The Moment“
* ”Hit Me With Your Best Shot“
* ”Can't Fight This Feeling“
* ”Every Rose Has Its Thorn“
* ”Oh Sherrie“
* ”The Search Is Over“
* ”Don't Stop Believin'“

Watch the Making of Soundtrack video:

So knowing're wanting to now know what the music sounds like. Well, it's not your typical sound. I mean it is a musical. So keep that in mind, but I do have to say that when playing the cd I was singing right along with it - at the top of my lungs. Just like I did so many years ago. So if you love 80s music go get it now or try to go watch the musical - I think you'll really like it.


Trix Swirls Gift Basket Winners

And the the winners are....

#7 Christie Reavis said...

I'm now a fb fan and subscriber too... :)


#3 Michele P. said...

now following your blog!

Congratulations to you both! I am emailing you now. :)