Friday, July 31, 2009

Homeschool Resource of the Day: Getting Started Homeschooling


Five weekly lessons from Homeschooling ABCs - step-by-step "how to get started" and "what do do next" information especially for homeschool newbies, with bite-sized chunks of wisdom and advice, plus action steps for each week.

You can get it today only at


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Homeschool Resource of the Day: Taming the Monster


Discover eight practical strategies for dealing with "homeschool information overload" and learn how to
free up more of your precious time for what is really important in your life. This practical, easily-implemented little report is MUST reading for EVERY online homeschool mom! Two thumbs up!

You can get it today only at


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Homeschool Resource of the Day: Raggedy Ann Stories

RAGGEDY ANN STORIES by Johnny Gruelle (PDF ebook)

The very first "Raggedy Ann" book with all the stories and colorful illustrations included! If your little ones have never seen this much beloved classic story book, they are in for a delightful treat!

You can get it today only at


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Homeschool Resource of the Day: Gabriel and the Hour Book


A wonderful character-building story set in 15th century France, about a young peasant boy named Gabriel, who becomes an apprentice to a monk who creates illuminated texts. This is a true delight,
a well written "living history" book for all ages. Highly recommended!

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Homeschool Resource of the Day: A Classical Copybook


Well done copybook from, covering early modern history, from Pocahontas to Kit Carson. This copybook is meant for beginning grammar stage students, and focuses on a traditional
cursive style writing.

You can get it today only from


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Trix Swirls Review & Giveaway (2 winners)

Growing up, Trix was one of my favorite cereals....actually it still is. :) And now today it is one of my daughter's. Gracie LOVES Trix and now Trix Swirls! They are very tasty!! Trix Swirls combines two mouthwatering fruity colors into every fun puff that will satisfy kids´ taste buds and spark their creativity! A good source of calcium and vitamin D, the Trix Rabbit won´t be the only one who can´t resist these fruity combos, which include lemony green, berry berry blue, and rasporangey orange!

My Blog Spark gave us the opportunity to try this cereal AND they sent lots of extras! Just look at the above picture for all the fun stuff Gracie has to play with!. She was super excited to get this package in the mail - I mean food and art supplies? Who wouldn't love it?

I bet your kids would enjoy receiving this in the mail.....And so that's why I am going to offer up a gift basket filled with goodies for 2 lucky readers!

To enter to win, just leave me a comment telling me what two flavors you would like mixed together. (Mandatory entry)

For additional entries (leave comments for each):

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This giveaway will end at 11:59 PM EST August 7th.
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Review: Return to Sullivan's Island

Return to Sullivan's Island by Dorthea Benton Frank is a story about young lady, Beth Hayes, who has many dreams for her life - wanting to travel and attend graduate school and somewhere in the process write an amazing novel. But all of that is placed on hold when she is asked by her mother and aunt to come home and housesit for a year. Not wanting to place her life on hold but having an intense loyalty to her family she goes home. This is where everything starts to change, alone on Sullivan's Island Beth starts to discover many things about her family and about herself.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I had previously read Frank's first book Sullivan's Island - so it was nice to "visit" with this family again. Return to Sullivan's Island is a great sequel - and one thing I loved was even if you hadn't read her first book you could pick this one up and not have missed anything (other than a great first book :oP) It is such a touching story that draws you into the area of Sullivan's Island and makes you feel a part of it all. The family is full of characters that will make you laugh and cry. By the time I was done reading, I wanted to have another sequel to read. This is a perfect book for summertime reading, whether you are tanning on a beach or curled up on your front porch swing.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

MommyPR Blog Hop $50 GC Giveaway & Bonus Entries!

Mommy PR is having a giveaway for a $50 GC to Sophie's Chic Boutique and 1,000 entries into any giveaway you pick from someones site in the blog Hopping Contest! How fun, right?

I'm participating in the blog hop - so for entries at MommyPR go ahead and do the following...

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ENTRIES FOR THIS CONTEST ARE ONLY TO BE SUBMITTED ON MOMMY PR!! BUT I will gladly accept any comment you want to leave me! ;)

Now blog-hop over to Mommy PR and enter!


Friday, July 10, 2009

Diane Birch CD Review & Giveaway

Diane Birch's first CD called Bible Belt hit stores June 3rd and hit iTunes Top 10 albums the same day! Birch who has been compared to Carole King, Amy Winehouse (without the drama LOL), and Karen Carpenter wrote all 13 songs on this album. Only in her 20s, she is a self-proclaimed "old soul" who over her few years has searched for herself musically. And I think she has definitely found herself. Her voice is very captivating and the lyrics draw you in. -
The daughter of a preacher, living between Zimbabwe, South Africa and Australia, before her parents finally settled in Portland, Oregon, Diane Birch absorbed a unique and very cosmopolitan perspective on life and rapidly cultivated a very individual style that defies categorization. The buzz is building as Music Week announced, "Diane has a voice and songwriting ability that will connect with truly global audiences."

Her childhood is what inspired the album title, Bible Belt. Birch says, "Because my dad was a preacher, the very religious upbringing that I had had a huge impact on my life in a very restraining and constricting way." She goes on to say that "Now that I'm older I notice that all these things have crept into my work. I'm constantly talking about Heaven, angels, and forgiveness. I'm hugely inspired by church hymns - their chord structures, their colors. I feel like all of these things are a part of me. It was a form of constraint for me as a child but it has fueled my creative fire."

You can view her video "Nothing But a Miracle" on Amazon and also listen to samples of the remaining songs on the album. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by this up and coming artist.

AND if you would like to have a copy of Bible Belt - I am giving one away!!

To enter to win, just leave me a comment below. (Mandatory entry)

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dr Weigh #KidsWeigh SiteWarming

Have you heard of the website Dr Weigh? It's a child and adolescent weight management program. As parents we want our children to be healthy. Eating right and exercise are an important part of that. But that's easier said than done. That's what Dr. Joanna Dolgoff is here for! With childhood obesity reaching an all time high across the country, many parents struggle with how to help their children maintain a healthy weight with proper nutrition.

I believe that even if your child is not overweight or at risk of being overweight this website is a great tool in helping to get our children up and moving! If you would like to find out more go to or get on Twitter and follow @JoannaDolgoffMD and each Tuesday at 1PM EST you can ask Dr. Dolgoff questions about your children's nutrition and weight issues.

Dr. Joanna Dolgoff, the official doctor of Camp Shane and a board certified pediatrician, has created Dr. Dolgoff's Weigh, a traffic-light system that allows kids to learn which foods are healthiest without counting calories. To spread the word about her site and program, Dr. Weigh, is sponsoring a Wii Fit contest to help you get your family up and moving this summer!

To Enter:
To enter to win the #KidsWeigh Wii Fit contest, check out client testimonials and fabulous Dr. Weigh success stories then fill out this secure contest form telling us which story was your favorite!


This Friday, July 10th from 9:00 - 10:00 PM EST @ResourcefulMom from ResourcefulMommy is hosting a #KidsWeigh SiteWarming for DrWeigh, where we will get to chat with Dr. Dolgoff. To RSVP and for more information go to:
Resourceful Mommy.

One grand prize winner will receive a Wii Fit. Two runners-up will receive a free one month membership to Dr. Weigh.

This contest ends Friday, July 24th at 11:59 a.m. ET. and is brought to you by Momfluence.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Lake Norman

In May, we went to visit the in-laws in North Carolina and we have to go over Lake is so beautiful and peaceful looking. I LOVE being near water. The pic isn't great (taken while in a moving vehicle) but it shows how pretty everything is...


Wordless Wednesday: Lake Norman

In May, we went to visit the in-laws in North Carolina and we have to go over Lake is so beautiful and peaceful looking. I LOVE being near water. The pic isn't great (taken while in a moving vehicle) but it shows how pretty everything is...


MommyPR Giveaways!!

Mommy PR buttonMommyPr's Launch Party is going on NOW! And they have some awesome giveaways! I'm going to try and list them all BUT they keep adding more each day - so I know I'm going to miss a few, ummm, maybe a lot. LOL But be sure and check back at their website DAILY to see all the additions!!

Beyond Coastal Sun Care Review & Giveaway

Rain or Shine Kids Review/Giveaway

Lush Giveaway

My Tot Clock Review & Giveaway

Fabric Care Basket Giveaway

Mackenzie Blue Review & Giveaway

4 The Love of Couture Fendi Sunglasses Giveaway

BUTCH&harold stickr Train (frame) Giveaway

Wett Giggles Review & Giveaway

Curious Toys: Bonz Band Review & Giveaway

4 The Love of Couture Burberry Perfume Giveaway

One Step Ahead: Tuck-Me-In Travel Bed Review & Giveaway

Cherry Hill Dollhouse Giveaway

Laurie Berkner’s Rocketship Run CD Review & Giveaway

pediped Originals Giveaway

Longaberger Review/Giveaway

Karito Kids Review & Giveaway

Poloppo Review and Giveaway

Nimli Bamboo Shawl Review & Giveaway

Giggle Bug Toddler Tracker Review & Giveaway

Boppy Review and Giveaway

Kushies Zolo Toy Giveaway

Kicker EB101 Earbuds Review and Giveaway

CROSS Computer Bag Giveaway (RV- $225!)

Coppertone Products: Review & Giveaway

Dirty Girl Soaps (Etsy) Review & Giveaway

Fraiche Giveaway

Fiber Gourmet Pasta Giveaway

Tidy Kidz Review & Giveaway

G4 Garment Steamer Review & Giveaway

Piggy Paint Review & Giveaway

Child to Cherish Crayon Apron Giveaway

Lensbaby Review & Giveaway

VTech Giveaways

Rockin Baby Shop Pouch Giveaway

Mega Catch Review & Giveaway

Also, I had blogged about a 20pc Rubbermaid All-in-One Set and a Burberry London purse. Check those out too! :)

Enjoy and hurry - some of these are ending soon!!


MommyDocs Summer Staycation Safety Tips

As it turns out, more and more families are spending extra time at home because of the economy. According to a recent survey done by Clorox, over 60 percent of the Moms surveyed reported an increase in cleaning around the house as their families now spend more time at home. And, not surprisingly, Moms want to save time and money for all of this extra cleaning. Mom Central got together with the MommyDocs and came up with a list of Five Tips for Summer Staycations to keep your family safe and your house cleaner during the summer months this year.

Staying Safe at BBQs. According to a recent survey, 70 percent of Moms are cooking more at home and many are likely switching up their meal routine with an outdoor BBQ. Make sure your kids have a safe BBQ experience by keeping them away from the flames and any sharp knives. Also, don't forget to check that your child's hamburger is fully cooked. Always keep a thermometer on hand to be sure all food has reached the appropriate inside temperature.

Keep the Pool Cool and Clean. If your kids love to spend hot afternoons in kiddie pools, you know the importance of cleaning the pool area. Dump out water after each session, and keep the pool clean by disinfecting it with a solution of ¾ cup bleach* to one gallon of water. Don't forget to rinse well and dry thoroughly after each cleaning (never leave any water in the pool). Be sure to always supervise children when they are in or around any water. (* Always remember to read and follow precautions and usage directions before using cleaning products)

Staying Healthy and Hydrated. Spending time in the heat means kids will be more prone to becoming dehydrated. Remind kids to take frequent rest/drink breaks in the shade when playing outside and try to avoid activity during peak sun hours. Encourage fluids before, during, and after outside activities.

Having Peace of Mind at Playgrounds. Sometimes just getting out of the house is the best way to keep it clean, but before letting kids loose at the playground, ensure the safety of the equipment. Swing seats and slides can really heat up in the sun – test them out before your kids hop on to avoid burns. Be sure the playground surface is composed of a soft material to help prevent injury. All playground equipment should be routinely checked for any broken or loose parts. As always, adult supervision is a must at all times!

Saving on Spills. Spending extra time around the house, especially with kids, often means more spills to clean up. Synthetic sponges and kitchen cloths can start to smell and carry bacteria, but you don't have to toss them out after a few uses. One option to reduce bacteria is to sanitize sponges and dishrags by soaking them in a bleach solution (¾ cup of bleach* to a gallon of water) for 5 minutes in the sink. Don't forget to rinse and dry when done. A wet sponge can also be microwaved to get rid of bacteria. (* Always remember to read and follow precautions and usage directions before using cleaning products)


Tuesday, July 7, 2009 Laptop Giveaway

Is your current computer stalling and giving you blue screen nightmares? Would you love to be able to have one that the kids could use (alas, staying off of yours)? feels your pain and has come to your rescue!

Sign up to recieve the Cookies Kids Newsletter via e-mail and you're automatically entered to win one of 4 brand new laptops!!

Simply fill out this form to be entered into the Laptop Giveaway Sweepstakes. Please be sure to read the Giveaway Sweepstakes "Terms and Conditions" before entering your information.

Contest ends 9/30/09 at 11:59 AM ET.

This contest brought to you courtesy of the Momfluence network.


Win an iPhone 3G from Packetel

Give Us Your Conference Call Blooper and Win an iPhone 3G from Packetel!

Have you ever said the wrong thing to a client? Have you ever been caught not paying attention on the line? Have your kids screamed something crazy during a call...

If so - Packetel wants to hear about it!

If not - try out Packetel's Web Conferencing services FREE for 30-days and tell us about your experience!

Packetel Turbo Meeting makes web conferencing simple and easy to do. Here are just a few of their web conferencing features:

* Share screens/desktops with multiple participants
* Assign and acknowledge meeting roles of presenter and controller of keyboard/mouse
* Allow an unlimited number of users to host a web conference
* Schedule meetings and webinars
* Hold ad hoc meetings and webinars and use verbal meeting invitations without resorting to e-mail
* Integrate with Outlook for sending e-mail invitations
* Optimized for different internet connection speeds ranging from broadband to 28KB dial-up
* Annotation over the entire screen/desktop
* Whiteboard and chat functionalities

Win an iPhone for my misdeed on a conference call? Yes! Here's how you can win:
1. Fill out the form below, including your blooper story
2. Try out Packetel's Web Conferencing Service for FREE for 30 days, fill out the form including your experience with the server

Entry form:

Bonus Entries! After you've completed 1 or 2 above and filled out the form you can also...

- Blog about Packetel's Online Fax Service and link the text "packetel's web conference service" to:

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Contest ends 7/31/09 at 11:59 AM ET.

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Momfluence Summer Guide

photo by G Viciano
photo by G Viciano

Looking for some great products to make your summer that much more fun and enjoyable? Looking to pamper yourself while the kids are off at camp? Or maybe you're dealing with summer bumps and bruises. Momfluence has collected some reviews of great products that you need to know about! Check out what our reviewers had to say about these great summer finds. And don't forget to stop by the Momfluence member giveaways listed at the bottom for some summer winning!

Featured Products

FishBites Swimmies - Spending time in the water is one of the most fun and exciting parts of summer. FishBites Swimmies by Swimways is a great solution to give the little ones the extra security they need in the pool, in a fun and exciting way.


Delsey Helium Fusion Carryon - If you are hitting the road or flying the skies this summer for your family vacation, the Delsey Helium Fusion carry-on offers a lightweight solution for packing your travel essentials.


Do Something Daily Calendar - Tired of hearing the kids say they have nothing to do? The DoSomethingDaily Calendar offers fun and exciting suggestions for things to do on each and every day of the year. Make memories with your family, every day!


Perlabella Pearls - Want to combat some of the wrinkles cause by sun damage? Perlabella's Retinol solution helps to fight the signs of aging, that can be caused by excessive sun exposure and other factors.

More Summer Fun

Playdoh Spaghetti Factory


Nerf NFL Progrip Football

SuperSoaker 50

Boochie Game

Good For The Kids

Talking To Toddlers

Two Belles and A Bead Engraved Necklace


Jumeau Handbags


Member Reviews/Giveaways
Bonggamom - $50 Tiny Prints Gift Certificate

IceFairy's Treasure Chest - KiNeSYS, Purex 3-in1, and more

Eccentric, Eclectic Woman - Bra Barrette, Skipping Hippos

Riding With No Hands - 20 Piece Rubbermaid Set

Consumer Queen - FurBuster

PlusSizeMommy - Giant Hershey Bar, Zensoy, and more

MommyNotGuilty - KidBanz Sunglasses

Robyn's Online World - Kodak Digital Frame

Simply Being Mommy - EA Sports Active

Lattes and Life - Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs & Parent's Choice Formula

Motherhood Moment - Summer Fun

A Simple Kinda Life - Summer Soiree of Giveaways

From Cribs to Car Keys - EcoStore $25 Gift Certificate and more

Miscellaneous Finds 4 U - Tiny Prints and more
All Momfluence guide reviews are product-provided, featured positions were purchased by vendors. Member reviews and giveaways are not associated with Momfluence.