Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Wanna Be A Series: Veterinarian E-book Review

"Mommy, what am I going to be when I grow up?"

This is a question my daughter has asked me numerous times. Every time my answer is the same - "Whatever you want to be, honey."

When I was growing up, I know I run the gamut of career choices. Lawyer, actress, doctor, author, mommy, and more! My parents always allowed me to dream of the wondrous possibilities and I want to let my children know they are allowed to do the same.

That's one of the things I love about the upcoming I Wanna Be Series available at The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. These in depth e-books allow your child to learn while dreaming of the possibilities of their future.

I recently was privileged to preview a copy of I Wanna Be A Veterinarian. In this e-book, your child can read a first hand account of what it's like to be a veterinarian. Children will love reading about the different types of animals that can be cared for, the areas a veterinarian travels to, and what your child needs to do to one day become a veterinarian. Parents will also learn along side their child. Yes, it's that amazing!

Jam-packed with photos, many activities and worksheets that include word search, coloring page, memory verses and copywork - this e-book is acceptable for any age. Not only will you child learn so much from this informational e-book, but he will also be allowed to dream of another amazing career.

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