Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bzz: OFF! PowerPad Lamp & Clip-On + COUPONS

Do you know what a BZZAgent is? It's a person who tries out products and services for FREE and then spreads the word about it. You don't receive money for it, however, sometimes you get to keep a really cool product. I'm a BZZAgent and I enjoy it so much. Today I'm going to tell you about a great must-have for summer and giveaway some coupons!

Everybody has heard of OFF!®, right? It's the name brand of an insect repellent. Yesterday, I received the OFF!® PowerPad Lamp® and the Clip-On® Mosquito Repellent. I'm hoping to be able to use them over Memorial Day weekend. The weather has been so weird lately, so you just never know. BUT I do want to go ahead and tell you a little about them.

OFF!® PowerPad® Lamp

* One little pad protects the same area as 15 Citronella buckets combined!
* Provides large area mosquito protection - the equivalent of a 15ft x 15ft deck
* Relies on a heat-activated repellent pad - no spraying required
* Great for cookouts, outdoor parties or camping

OFF!® Clip-On® Mosquito Repellent

* Provides personal protection against mosquitoes
* Protects from head to toe
* Relies on a quiet little fan and odorless repellent - no spraying required
* Great for reading outside, gardening or watching outdoor sports

I think I'm going to love the lamp. It's really a very decorative addition to any patio and to keep the bugs away - it's great!!

Which product would you like the best?

Leave me a comment telling me about what you think you'd like or dislike about OFF!® PowerPad Lamp® or Clip-On® and I will send you a $3 off coupon for the product of your choice. I only have 5 coupons for each product so act fast. It's first come first serve! Make sure you fill out both the Coupon Request Form AND leave a comment below. One coupon per household.

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