Wednesday, January 14, 2009

BFS #116 Now You’re Playing With Power

Memory Verse:Genesis 7:24 The water held power over the earth for 150 days.

Introduction: The only witnesses to the Flood are Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives - 8 people. And then there’s the animals, 2 of every unclean animal and 7 pairs of every clean animal. When Noah and his family emerged from the ark, they offered sacrifices and praised the Lord for preserving them.

Assignment: What kind of catastrophe have you lived through? Weather? Fire? Car crash? Did you feel the oppression of the power of the disaster, or the protection of the Power of the Lord? Tell us the story of how you rejoiced and praised Him through it and after it.

I think that probably the biggest catastrophe to happen to my family would be when Robby was injured at work. Robby worked in construction as a roofer. This was his profession. What he was doing when we met...and what we felt was his future. Which wasn't really what we wanted, but when you live paycheck to paycheck - how do you do anything else? We had talked about him going to school. Money was an issue. But also time. Winter would have been ok, but during the summer you work as much as you can to get as much overtime as possible.

September 28, 2005. I'll always remember that changed our lives. He went to work that morning at the normal time - 6:30am. I remember feeling "off" I wanted to scream come back and stay home. But I would have looked stupid. There was no reason for him to not go to work. Just the night before we had decided to have a yard sale the coming after Gracie was up I started digging through our bedroom closet. I was in such a mess. Clothes were everywhere. It was around 11am and the phone rang but I couldn't get to it. The answering machine picked up, it wasn't working though so I wasn't able to hear the message. Immediately the phone rang I went for it, but missed it. I dialed *69 and it was a cell number. I recognized it as a friend that worked with Robby. So I called it back. Bill answered the phone and I asked if Robby had tried to called. He said no, he had. He said Robby had fallen off of the roof and my heart sank. Breathless, I asked how bad. He told me that they thought he had broken an arm and leg. He said they were taking him to the hospital, he had told Bill to make sure I knew he was fine...and as soon as they knew anything he'd let me know.

I got off the phone and I remember sitting down and just repeating "Oh God, Oh God, please let him be okay". I felt numb. This was one of my greatest fears. I had always worried about him falling at work. I didn't cry. Which is strange for me. I'm a crier. That's what I do. I called my parents and I got my dad and I said "You need to come get me" (we only had the one car) he asked why and I said Robby fell off a roof. He asked how bad he was. I told him what I knew and he said "Let me let you talk to your mommy". LOL I definitely needed my mommy then. We got everything straight and between my parents and my sister and a lot of running around we were able to get Gracie's car seat from our car and get my parents here to take me to the hospital a little over an hour away. I kept in touch with his boss, who was amazing, he went straight to the hospital and kept me informed. At first they thought Robby would have casts put on and released. Mom, being the best at working through problems, immediately went to work on my bedroom and closet. By the time we knew we would have to go to the hospital because they had to set a bone and would need to put him under - it was sparkling! Robby had never been put to sleep and he finally asked that we come. When we got there he was a mess! He was in such pain and they kept putting off giving him meds because of the surgery...but it kept getting bumped. His boss was still there and it was around 8:00pm and he gave us a minute alone. I finally let a few tears drop but NEVER so that Robby saw them. When he came in he asked Robby if he had told me the good news. Robby had asked him to pray with him and he was saved that night. It was so amazing! Right then I knew everything would be ok. Finally, they took him away and we waited...and waited. Mom and Gracie fell asleep while dad and I just sat there. It was over around 2:30am. I got to see him for just a minute...but he was doing so much better already and I didn't feel at all bad for leaving him. He came home 2 days later. Another surgery followed...and we anticipate more.

This incident has changed a lot of things in our life. Robby will never be able to go back to construction work. He has been able to go to school and he will graduate this year with a drafting degree. He was able to form a bond with his daughter, and watch me through this second pregnancy and see the little amazing things a new baby does. Things he missed the first time. We've had our moments were we've questioned why...and if things would get better. Financially, it's been extremely hard. Our relationship has taken a toll, but we are really working hard to get to an even better place then we were before. I believe that God gave us an opportunity to better our lives and to grow in His love. So even though it's been tough, I believe that it's been worth it and that we will be better because of what has happened.


  1. Oh that's beautiful too.. how such a tragedy could be used for such a wonderful purpose.. a better life - better work, better family life.

    I know how hard it is when hubby isn't working and in school. After his undergrad, my hubby couldn't find work, and got depressed. I was facing supporting us -returning to work shortly after a new baby etc.. But God took hold of both of us. Stuart went back to school for 6 more years - got a Ph.D and now we have the best life - balanced home life - secure job. Keep praying for that Robby of yours.

    And it wasn't too long, it was GREAT

    Mrs. Sombra
    BFS Teacher

  2. That is a some post! I know it will help those who are going thru similar issues right now, esp. with the job losses and financial strains. I dunno how you are, but when my "rock" was very ill 2 summers ago-it really shook me. It was not fun to say the least...made me appreciate him and all he does even more...and it brought me even closer to the Lord. All good things in the end!
    Have a good one.

  3. I looked through your photos on Facebook - what cute kiddles.. and such fantastic blue eyes she has. Is she about 5? My Janney is almost 5.. and she is playing with PollyPocket right behind me.. Polly pocket has a swimming pool and she filled it with water.. so water all over my nice hardwood floor.. (better than on carpet!)


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