Sunday, June 29, 2008

Attn: All Pregnant Mamas *Contest*

Nature's Child is holding a Beat the Heat Summer Contest!

The winner will be awarded a bumGenius 3.0 Starter Kit: 18 diapers, diaper sprayer, a dozen cloth wipes, and a bottle of odor remover.

All you have to do is answer one question and you're entered. Then you can receive multiple entries by answering another question. So easy!

You can check out the official rules and enter here. Deadline to enter is July 31 and a winner will be selected by August 10.

I didn't use cloth diapers with Gracie....and I probably won't with this baby. But it's something I think is great and I would do if I had lots of money to pay up front. Buuuut when you have family helping out by buying disposable diapers, you don't worry about it too much, and you use what you have.

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