Thursday, January 3, 2008

WVU vs OU 48-28

Yes! Yes! Yes! Mountaineers win!

Oh my goodness, how amazing was the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl last night? I can not believe how well WV did! After having such upsets the past month...losing to Pitt and then losing their coach (Rich Rodriquez to Michigan), no one was giving them credit or the chance to beat Oklahoma in the bowl game.

Now I will say the state of WV was behind these boys 100%. We never gave up hope. Bill Stewart stepped up as interim coach and led these young men to an outstanding victory. The defensive and offensive lines were ready for a battle and they gave Oklahoma heck! The players that come to mind with plays that really made the game were Pat White, Owen Schmitt, Vaugh Rivers, Noel Devine, and Reynaud. I may be forgetting one or two...but these guys really stood out.

During the post game awards where Pat White received the Offensive line MVP, he said that they played as a family, that it wasn't anything new to WVU to be doubted by people. But that they continually overcome. And that he could say he spoke for himself and the team in saying they wanted Bill Stewart as their head coach.(That's an interpretation of his words - it was getting late!) In a locker room interiew, Owen Schmitt stated that Bill Stewart was the glue that held this team together. WVU, I feel, made a wonderful decision to hire him as their head coach this morning. Some people. one booster for the university in particular, doubts this decision saying he is more like a father figure...but he led them in a time of extreme upheavel. From what I can tell these players trust him, and right now that's what they need - someone to lead them and give them the opportunity to shine. Which they certainly did last night!

I cried, laughed, screamed...and I'm sure that a lot of fellow West Virginians did the same. It is so hard to describe how I truly feel about watch these guys come back and show the world what they are made of - the Pitt game no longer matters, and Rich who? - this win was what they needed, what the state needed. You can doubt all you want...we are strong and we have Mountaineer Pride!!

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