Wednesday, December 12, 2007

About Me Survey

About Me

Have you ever


First Name:Diana
Middle Name:Lesley
Birthday:July 1st
Fav color:pink
Fave Food:just about anything! LOL

Friends and Life

Do you ever wish you had another name?oh sure...many times
Do you like anyone?I like lots of folks.
Which one of your friends acts the most like you?none actually
Who's the loudest?not sure
Who have you known the longest of your friends?Jenny
Who's the shyest:LOL none of us
Are you close to any family members?all of them
When you cried the most:prolly this past yr
What's the best feeling in the world:being loved
Worst Feeling:being lonely

Finish each sentence

Let's walk on the:beach
Let's run through:the water
Let's look at the:sky
What a nice:smile
Where did all the:time go?
Why can't you:just listen to me?
Silly, little:thing
Tell me:more

Have you:

Ran away from home:never
Pictured your crush naked:yep
Skipped school:all the time
Broken someone's heart:no
Been in love:am in love right now
Cried when someone died:yes
Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have:yes
Done something embarrassing:oh my LOL yes
Done a drug:no
Cried in school:yes


Your Good Luck Charm:I dunno
Person You Hate Most:no one
Best Thing That Has Happened:having my daughter
Ice Cream:vanilla
WHO Makes you laugh the most:Gracie
Has A Crush On You:Robby
Do You Have A Crush On Someone:yes
Fallen for your best friend?:no
Made out with JUST a friend?:no
Kissed two people in the same day?:no!
Had sex with two different people in the same day?:no!!!!
Been rejected:yea
Been in love?:yes
Been used?:I don't think so
Done something you regret?:yes, who hasn't?
Cheated on someone?:nope
Been called a tease:yea

Who was the last person...

You touched?:Gracie
You talked to on the phone?:my sister
You hugged?:Gracie
You instant messaged?:umm, don't remember
You kissed?:Robby
You yelled at?:prolly, Robby
Who text messaged you?:I dunno
Who broke your heart?:??
Who told you they loved you?: ct?Gracie

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