Thursday, January 25, 2007

so far in 2007

Well, a new year is here. And I made my resolutions. I usually don't, but I figured why not? this year. I mean, las year was pretty crazy, so let's see what we can do about this one. My resolutions were as follows:

1. Be more patient with Robby & Gracie

2. Lose some weight

3. Do better financially

4. Just be better, period.

So far in 2007, I'm battin' zero. Now, I love my family, but sometimes their attitudes mixed with my moods, just don't work. Having Robby home all the time seems to have finally caught up with me. I want things back to normal! I want my daughter to be mine. That sounds silly, but when he was working, she and I had our time. Now, it's hard to really have her to myself for awhile. And let's just say mommy always gets the bad stuff and daddy has all the fun. Basically, it sucks.

Lose weight? I feel as if I drink anymore frickin' water, I'll drown. I'm trying. That's all I can say about that.

Money? You try dealing with compensation, and then we'll talk.

And how can I feel better when I have all this on me?? Huh? Where's some Prozac? he he. J/K

In 2007, I want things to turn in a positive way. I want Robby to feel like he did before the accident. Good about himself and how he was supporting his family. It's hard to watch the man you love feel worthless because of injuries that weren't his fault. Just a horrible accident that will have everlasting results. I want to feel like I'm doing something productive. Maybe take some type of courses at home. Work from home?? Doing something. Anybody with ideas...please let me know. I dunno, I just think that 2007 may possibly be a turning point in my life. I just hope it's for the better!

On another note, we got a cat. Or should I say a cat got us? It just showed on the doorstep one night and hasn't left since. We've fed it, Gracie has named it Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo - you know from Cinderella. We've kept it outside...we have Blondie inside and it wouldn't be a good combo. She doesn't seem to pay much attention to it when she's outside though, but it's best left the way it is.

And, I'd have to say, that yesterday was probably one of the best days I've had in a long time. I don't go to my mom's that often. Try to every couple weeks or so. I'd be there everyday if gas wasn't so expensive. But so we were there yesterday. My brother had come to visit for the night. So he and his family, Tori and hers, and me with mine. And I enjoyed it so much. It seems as I've gotten older, family drifts and it's not like when you're little and around family all the time. I loved spending time with them. Who knows when we'll all be together again.

My nephew will be leaving after school lets out to go to basic for the National Guards. So, after that is anybody's guess.

Come summer, Tori will be having baby #2. We don't know what it is yet. Mom keeps saying girl. I say boy. If the baby cooperates hopefully we will know Jan 25th.

But, anyways, I just wanted to update on my life as I haven't wrote anything in awhile. I hope that all is well with everyone. TTYL!

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