Saturday, September 30, 2006

the length a parent goes to...

It's raining,

It's pouring,

My old man's not snoring....

That's because he's headed to Wal-Mart. That's right folks, Wal-Mart...It's 11:33pm and he's going there because I asked him to. Let me explain....

One day Gracie was watching a cartoon and then the wonderful commercials just targeted to kids came on. And she fell in love. With a baby doll...that poops. You know Baby Alive, you feed it and then she poops in a diaper. Well, Gracie said I want that, can I have it for Christmas? How can you turn down such a sweet little request? I know we have a lot of time before christmas is here....but people are buying this darn doll! It's going like hotcakes. I was in Wal-Mart about 2 weeks ago, they had like 30 of them, my sis goes to pick it up for me last week GONE! ALL OF THEM! We checked Beckley, Crab Orchard and Fayetteville.

And let me tell ya about Fayetteville (they are on my bad side right now!!) My mom and dad decided that this is what they wanted to get her. So they go in and see 2, one works and one doesn't, they get the 1 and get accessories and go to the checkout. And the cashier takes it and swipes it and guess what?? A message pops up WE CAN"T SELL THIS ITEM. OMG!!!! Why you ask? Cashier: I dunno? Ugh! So my dad calls around and finds out that this doll was set to go on sale Sunday and it wasn't even supposed to be out on the shelf. Now why would Walmart pass up selling it for $49.99 on Thursday just to sell it on Sunday for $46.88. Who the heck knows?

All this has led up to tonight. At midnight the doll goes on sale and they only have 6 at the Crab Orchard store. I am determined she is getting this doll. It's not like she needs it, but she's a kid and christmas should be great for her. Robby volunteered to go, I know he regrets it now because he's tired, but he went loving and devoted father he is.

All I gotta say is if those people over there give him grief, they better watch out cause they are gonna have to deal with one mad mama.

UPDATE: I got it!! wooo-hooo Robby FINALLY got home around 3:30 am.

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