Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Birthdays & Beauty

Hey everyone! well, I made it through the past few days. lol I am so tired. Gracie's party on Sunday was a lot of fun for her. She is so proud to be a "big kid" now. I can't even say she is my baby. She freaks out and is like I'M NOT A BABY...I A BIG KID NOW. omg lol

But anyways, it was fun had by all. We had Monday to rest....then yesterday was another long day. A couple friends and I took our kids to see Beauty and the Beast out Grandview. It ended up being 4 adults and 7 kids. *Sigh* I really can't see how folks have more than 2 kids. lol They were all good though. They were so excited to get to see a real live princess. After the show Gracie went right up to Belle and hugged her and, of course, wanted to see her princess slippers. When she hugged Belle, I almost lost it. For you all that have know when one of their dreams come true you just can't help but feel so happy. We had a pic took so we can always remember her first meeting with a princess.

Gracie is the one in Belle's arms with the purple & green coat.

Hope you all are good and are feeling great!. Have a wonderful evening!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

celebrations all around

Hi everyone! Well, yesterday was my 5 year wedding anniversary. Wow. Somedays it feels like we just got together, then others feel as if it's been a lifetime. I love him more today then I did 5 years ago. I can't imagine my life without him. I mean, we fight but we are always able to work it out. Lots of folks think marriage is so easy, but you have to work to keep each other happy and satisfied. We really didn't do much yesterday. We had dinner in and he gave me a card a rose. He was real sweet. We made sure we had a good day together.

Tomorrow is Gracie's 3rd birthday. We are having a little party for her here at the house. She is getting so excited. I said what day is tomorrow? She said tomorrow my birthday cake! lol All she wants is the cake. Just wait til she gets her presents. She is so sweet. She makes me so happy with her cute little comments and her loving way.

I have lots to do before tomorrow. A cake to bake and decorate. Who in the heck knew finding princess decoratinos were so hard?? I FINALLY found one, thank goodness! Guess I'll talk to ya'll later. Have a good one.

Friday, August 4, 2006

We did it! Kinda...

What did we do? Potty train! Ok, so Gracie has been off and on the past months been attempting to potty train. And not very well I may add. But this week I have been stern NO DIAPERS til bedtime. And today I was made so proud when I heard the little words "Mom, I gotta pee." And off she ran to her potty, took her undies off and DID IT! So far she has continued to do it this evening. I hope it will last. She is trying so hard. I am so proud! But now my little girl isn't so little But then I think I can save money on diapers. And I know deep down she'll always be mommy's baby.