Sunday, October 29, 2006

why when things look like they are getting better

everything blows up in your face??

I just get so mad some days....grrrrr!!!!!!!!!! Ever since Robby's accident things have gone from crazy to good back to crazy...and I thought that everything was finally leveling out. We were getting stuff together. Life was soon to be normal again. What the hell do I know?

And you know the sad thing is it's just my car I'm mad at. Yes, my car. I'm that upset over a car! But it's not the car. I'm just tired! ya know? I just want everything to be smooth for longer than a week. Is that an impossible dream I have?

I know this is the "real world" but darn it I'm not on MTV!!

Ok, that was a now I'm feeling a bit better. Gracie is running in circles around my coffee table. I better stop her before she falls and kills her. I really couldn't deal with that right now....

Saturday, September 30, 2006

the length a parent goes to...

It's raining,

It's pouring,

My old man's not snoring....

That's because he's headed to Wal-Mart. That's right folks, Wal-Mart...It's 11:33pm and he's going there because I asked him to. Let me explain....

One day Gracie was watching a cartoon and then the wonderful commercials just targeted to kids came on. And she fell in love. With a baby doll...that poops. You know Baby Alive, you feed it and then she poops in a diaper. Well, Gracie said I want that, can I have it for Christmas? How can you turn down such a sweet little request? I know we have a lot of time before christmas is here....but people are buying this darn doll! It's going like hotcakes. I was in Wal-Mart about 2 weeks ago, they had like 30 of them, my sis goes to pick it up for me last week GONE! ALL OF THEM! We checked Beckley, Crab Orchard and Fayetteville.

And let me tell ya about Fayetteville (they are on my bad side right now!!) My mom and dad decided that this is what they wanted to get her. So they go in and see 2, one works and one doesn't, they get the 1 and get accessories and go to the checkout. And the cashier takes it and swipes it and guess what?? A message pops up WE CAN"T SELL THIS ITEM. OMG!!!! Why you ask? Cashier: I dunno? Ugh! So my dad calls around and finds out that this doll was set to go on sale Sunday and it wasn't even supposed to be out on the shelf. Now why would Walmart pass up selling it for $49.99 on Thursday just to sell it on Sunday for $46.88. Who the heck knows?

All this has led up to tonight. At midnight the doll goes on sale and they only have 6 at the Crab Orchard store. I am determined she is getting this doll. It's not like she needs it, but she's a kid and christmas should be great for her. Robby volunteered to go, I know he regrets it now because he's tired, but he went loving and devoted father he is.

All I gotta say is if those people over there give him grief, they better watch out cause they are gonna have to deal with one mad mama.

UPDATE: I got it!! wooo-hooo Robby FINALLY got home around 3:30 am.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Does anybody even read this stuff?

Well, I'm writing yet again....after a very long break. Like the title said I don't even know if anybody reads this. But sometimes you just wanna talk, and that's me right now. I mean I don't have anything important to say....But anyways.

Fall is here. It's official, the leaves are turning. Down my driveway is getting to be so pretty red and orange everywhere. I've always loved this time of year. But this year, I'm a bit nervous. For the past 2 years every fall my dad has had a heart attack. The 2nd one the worst. I don't know, I know that it is highly unlikley for it to happen again (he's changed his habits totally), but he's my daddy. It scares the heck out of me. He still has a lot of health problems that could effect things. I really hope this one is better than last. Last fall, so much happened in such a short time. 1st Robby's accident, then Daddy's heart attack, then Robby's grandpa got sick and passed. It was too much too fast. I feel as if we are truly just now getting over it. I know God doesn't give us more than we can handle, but this year I want a break.

I've thought alot about when we were all kids and were going back to school, excited to see people we had missed over summer. I wish I would have been a lot more relaxed when I was in school. Not cared so much about what others thought. But then who knows what my life would be like now. I mean if I would have had the nerve to let people know how I felt (I had lots of crushes, just never let it show...I was so scared of rejection), would I be with Robby and have a beautiful daughter? Looking back, if I would have been different, I wouldn't be where I am now. I wouldn't change things for anything. I love my life and my family.

I pray that Gracie has her Daddy's attitude about school (to a point, I don't want her doing some things). I want her to have fun, but also know how important it is. Be young. You are only young once. Enjoy each moment and always treasure the memories and friends.

Ok, enough preaching. Let me show you a typical conversation with Gracie. For those of you with kids, you will know what I'm saying. And those that don' tmie will come. So this morning I was getting her ready for a bath. It goes like this...

Me: Ok, let's take your clothes off.

Taking off clothes - Gracie covers herself

Gracie: I don't want Daddy to see my butt.

Me: Daddy's not here - he can't see your butt.

In the other room Blondie snorts

Gracie: (intake of breath) I don't want Blondie to see my butt.

I laugh

Gracie: Blondie wants to see my butt.

Me: No, she doesn't

Gracie: Yes she does

This keeps going on for about a minute....

Me: Ok, Gracie, stop, Blondie does not want to see your butt. Get in the tub.

Grace: Blondie wants to take a bath with me.

Ok, with that silly I go. TTYL!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Birthdays & Beauty

Hey everyone! well, I made it through the past few days. lol I am so tired. Gracie's party on Sunday was a lot of fun for her. She is so proud to be a "big kid" now. I can't even say she is my baby. She freaks out and is like I'M NOT A BABY...I A BIG KID NOW. omg lol

But anyways, it was fun had by all. We had Monday to rest....then yesterday was another long day. A couple friends and I took our kids to see Beauty and the Beast out Grandview. It ended up being 4 adults and 7 kids. *Sigh* I really can't see how folks have more than 2 kids. lol They were all good though. They were so excited to get to see a real live princess. After the show Gracie went right up to Belle and hugged her and, of course, wanted to see her princess slippers. When she hugged Belle, I almost lost it. For you all that have know when one of their dreams come true you just can't help but feel so happy. We had a pic took so we can always remember her first meeting with a princess.

Gracie is the one in Belle's arms with the purple & green coat.

Hope you all are good and are feeling great!. Have a wonderful evening!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

celebrations all around

Hi everyone! Well, yesterday was my 5 year wedding anniversary. Wow. Somedays it feels like we just got together, then others feel as if it's been a lifetime. I love him more today then I did 5 years ago. I can't imagine my life without him. I mean, we fight but we are always able to work it out. Lots of folks think marriage is so easy, but you have to work to keep each other happy and satisfied. We really didn't do much yesterday. We had dinner in and he gave me a card a rose. He was real sweet. We made sure we had a good day together.

Tomorrow is Gracie's 3rd birthday. We are having a little party for her here at the house. She is getting so excited. I said what day is tomorrow? She said tomorrow my birthday cake! lol All she wants is the cake. Just wait til she gets her presents. She is so sweet. She makes me so happy with her cute little comments and her loving way.

I have lots to do before tomorrow. A cake to bake and decorate. Who in the heck knew finding princess decoratinos were so hard?? I FINALLY found one, thank goodness! Guess I'll talk to ya'll later. Have a good one.

Friday, August 4, 2006

We did it! Kinda...

What did we do? Potty train! Ok, so Gracie has been off and on the past months been attempting to potty train. And not very well I may add. But this week I have been stern NO DIAPERS til bedtime. And today I was made so proud when I heard the little words "Mom, I gotta pee." And off she ran to her potty, took her undies off and DID IT! So far she has continued to do it this evening. I hope it will last. She is trying so hard. I am so proud! But now my little girl isn't so little But then I think I can save money on diapers. And I know deep down she'll always be mommy's baby.

Monday, July 31, 2006


Ok, So I'm having this's in my lower stomach (somewhere down there) and it's buggin the crap outta me! It comes and it goes. Sometimes sharp, sometimes dull. Robby and Mom both say "it's your appendix." Gee, thanks guys. Can't they just say you have gas? lol No, really...Why go worst case? Or almost worse case. But anyways, I hate unexplained pains and I hate going to doctors even more. I guess if it doesn't stop soon I'll have to BUT I WON'T LIKE IT!

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Well, today I am so out of it. I feel grouchy and think if somebody looks at me the wrong way I'll either yell or cry. Not sure which one yet. We had Robby's nephew, Kyle, this past week and Robby had to take him home this morning. He lives in NC so Robby was up at 5am to that means I was up too. I went back to bed but it's just not the same. Yesterday, we went to the Friends of Coal Auto Fair. We had a good time. Lot of nice rides there. Walked around and had a good time. Gracie and Kyle loved the carnival they had, and everything like that was free. So even better. Got a little rained on, but in the heat, it felt pretty nice. We had a friend there who was showing 3 Firebirds, so when it rained we got under their canopy. Gave us a break and I was able to get Gracie to take a nap. Oh, such sweet heaven! Well, I don't really have much on my mind. I need to ge this house cleaned up. Maybe that's why I'm in such a mood. I love my house being clean....I just need a maid to do it! Everyone try to have a great day....

Friday, July 21, 2006

Having a Preemie

I'm writing this entry just in case, God forbid, you would ever have a baby earlier than expected. I just want to you to know someone has been through it and it turned out just fine...

First off, I loved being pregnant! It was so exciting. Feeling her kick for the first time. Seeing the ultrasound. Discovering if it was a boy or girl. Many tears of joy were shed. I can't wait to go through it all again.

When I was pregnant with Gracie, I developed preeclampsya (I'm not sure that's spelled right, sorry). Well, anyways, for those of you who don't know what that is it's where you get high blood pressure while your pregnant. It usually goes away after you have the baby.

They had to watch me really close to make sure she was still growing and developing like she had to. I would go to the doctor twice a week to be checked once by my doc and then again to be hooked up to a fetal monitor (monitors babys vitals) for about an hour. They told me to take it easy and get as much rest as possible, so I had to quit work. Which was ok, cause I was SO exhausted most of the time.

They had told me to watch for pain in my side and blurred vision and such. Which I didn't have until one morning....

I woke up around 4:30 am and had such a bad pain in my side. I felt kind of icky and decided to check my blood pressure. Well it was high of course. I don't remember exactly but it was something like 150/110 - not good for mama or baby. So I called my midwife and she said go to the hospital and be checked out. I woke Robby up, called mom and got there as fast as I could. I was so scared.

Check in at RGH went fast and before I knew it I was hooked up to another fetal monitor and having my blood pressure taken often. They took blood then moved me to a room. Dr. Webb came in and said I was definitly going to be induced. Oh Lord, it took about everything I had not to start sobbing. What about my baby - she was 6 weeks early. Would she be ok?

They gave me some meds to induce. I won't go into detail, esp. for you guys ou tthere. But I was having contractions within the hour. After I got to around 3 cms I was like give me an epidural. lol I know it was only 3 - but I don't like pain! They had given me a shot to help develop the baby's lungs. They say they aren't fully developed til the 35th week. I was only 34. The nurses were constantly checking on me, and were really great! I remember the most painful part of all of this was them breaking my water. The epidural didn't hurt - even though I had been told it would. So here I am no pain and FINALLY starting to rest. I had drifted off to sleep when suddenly I woke up with a feeling something wasn't right. I looked over at the monitor and saw the baby's heart rate had dropped. Normal rate is around 130-150 well her's was 85. The nurses rushed in and so did the doc. Then Dr. Rosas announced it was time. They had to do a c-section. It was too unsafe for the baby now. So I was preped and taken into surgery. I was beyond terrified but knew I had to have it done.

Elizabeth Grace Peck arrived at 8:21pm weighing a whopping 3 lbs 2 oz. and measured 16 inches long. They took her off to the neonatal unit. And checked her out. She was watched very closely and was given oxygen for about 8 hours. And for a preemie that is not a lot. We were told she was healthy, just very small.

I wasn't able to see her until 2 days after I had her - I wasn't able to get out of bed. Robby stayed with her as much as they would let him and with me the rest of the time. They gave me lots of pictures, but it wasn't the same as seeing her. I was so grateful she was healthy. She was kept in the neonatal unit for 17 days until she gained the weight she needed. We were able to take her home Septemeber 1st and she weighed 4 lbs 1 oz.

When we would visit the neonatal unit we saw many sick babies, and I have to say that they all received excellent care. I feel I was so lucky to have the doctors and nurses that we did. They took great care of us both. I will always be grateful for their support.

After we had her home we had heard such horror stories about preemies and all the problems they could have. We had WV Birth to 3 come to the house. We had a nurse and a developmental specialist that came to see Gracie. She really benefited from this. They were there to help in many ways. She had all of this until right before she turned 2, that's when they quit coming. Ever since she has grown in so many ways and we feel as if she will not have any serious problems as a result of being a preemie. She continues to be small but seems to average to all kids her age. She is a true little miracle.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

My Life, right now

As you know, I'm a stay at home mama of a precious little girl. Robby is in construction but isn't able to work right now. Unfortunately, he fell of a roof back the end of September and got hurt pretty bad. He broke his arm and his ankle! He was in a wheelchair for about 7 weeks. Needless to say that was not a fun time. He had to have surgery on his elbow and had a kind of replacement surgery done. He has a metal piece in there. So when he has to go through a metal detector he has to show his scar. lol But anyways he is trying to get better. We will see how things go. Still has lots of drs appointments and all that fun stuff. But oh well.... I'm just glad he is alive!

Really that is it. I try to raise Gracie to the best of my ability and help her learn and grow. And as for Robby I tell him to get outta my way! lol I'm just kidding. But boy it is weird to have him home ALL the time now.
Let me know what's going on in your life...let's see if you can babble on and on like me.